A Majestic Chinese New Year Spectacle Unveils At The Curve

Elaine Liew, Centre Manager of the Curve (left) and Encik Jazmi Kamarudin, Chief Operations Officer of Boustead Properties Berhad (right) invites everyone to visit the Curve for a day filled with cultural splendour and festive joy
The enthralling acrobatic lion and dragon dance performance – a symbolic representation of good luck and drive away evil spirits on auspicious occasions

Brace yourself for an extraordinary celebration as the Curve, nestled in the bustling heart of Mutiara Damansara, unveils a Chinese New Year spectacle like no other. Embracing rich tradition while intertwining contemporary allure, the Curve’s 2024 festive campaign becomes a jubilant ode to the Year of the Wood Dragon. The event, aptly themed, ‘Dragon Enchantment’, promises to elevate the festive spirit, fostering camaraderie and excitement among shoppers and visitors.

From now until 18 February 2024, the Centre Court of the Curve will transform into an enchanting landscape of festivities and timeless Chinese traditions. At the heart of the celebration stands a breathtaking and unique dragon monument; a symbol of wisdom, prosperity, health and good fortune. This magnificence takes centre stage amid traditional Chinese teahouses, blossoming cherry trees, and a Chinese traditional attire station. This picturesque setting embodies the essence of Chinese elegance and the vibrant beauty of spring, providing an enchanting backdrop, perfect for capturing memorable moments during this auspicious season.

In a spirited gesture of unity and celebratory exuberance, the Curve shares a passionate commitment to invigorating the community and spreading joy, transforming this celebration into a vibrant festivity for everyone. Aligning with its core values of community and inclusivity, the Curve will extend its celebration beyond the mall by graciously presenting a hamper filled with a generous amount of essential groceries to the Rumah Kasih Charity Home Kuala Lumpur.

In addition, each of the 20 folks received a heartwarming ang pow, symbolising blessings for the festive season. The festivities continued with a delightful high tea and communal Lou Sang session at Royale Chulan, creating a joyous and memorable experience.

“The Year of the Wood Dragon marks not just a celebration but a manifestation of evolution and rejuvenation at the Curve,” shares Elaine Liew, Centre Manager of the Curve. “We’ve blended the splendour of tradition with the joy of contemporary festivity to create a shared experience for all. In our 20th year, we’re not just commemorating our anniversary celebration but also fostering a sense of community and togetherness. We warmly invite you to join us in creating lasting memories that echo with the joy and unity of this festive season.”

The ‘Dragon Enchantment’ event is crafted to immerse visitors in a vivid celebration of Chinese heritage, seamlessly blending the traditional with the modern. On 3rd February, a spectacle will unfold as the God of Prosperity with Fairies Walkabout takes the stage. Families can register for this enchanting journey and receive complimentary goodie bags filled with surprises from the Curve’s generous tenants.

A dazzling performance – spreading the joy this festive season with a musical dance performance featuring talented dancers for a mesmerising showcase that embodies the roaring dragon spirit of Chinese New Year 2024 at the Curve, Mutiara Damansara
Spreading love and joy – Elaine Liew, Centre Manager of the Curve (left) presenting the prosperity hamper to Mr Foong (right), representative from Rumah Kasih Charity Home Kuala Lumpur

Elevating the festivities, the Curve presents the Chinese Traditional Attire Station, providing a unique opportunity for visitors to explore the elegance of Chinese culture. By spending a minimum of RM38 at any of the Curve outlets, up to 2 receipts, visitors can revel in the opportunity to adorn exquisite Chinese attire, capturing memorable moments in their favourite Chinese outfit. Transporting visitors to the heart of traditional Chinese festivities, this offers an extraordinary and engaging experience that blends cultural richness with modern joy.

Unveil the dragon’s bounty with the Curve’s redemption program that beckons shoppers with enticing rewards. Spend RM188 to receive a set of elegantly designed Red Packets, or elevate your celebration by spending RM398 to receive an exquisite and timeless Chinese Bowl Set along with Red Packets. This program is more than just a reward, it is a heartfelt celebration of the ongoing patronage that the Curve community continues to uphold.

Elaine Liew, Centre Manager of the Curve (left) and Encik Jazmi Kamarudin, Chief Operations Officer of Boustead Properties Berhad (right) invites everyone to visit the Curve for a day filled with cultural splendour and festive joy
Elaine Liew, Centre Manager of the Curve (left) and Encik Jazmi Kamarudin, Chief Operations Officer of Boustead Properties Berhad (right) awakening the dragon with an eye-dotting blessing ceremony to officially launch the Curve’s ‘Dragon Enchantment’ event

Marking its 20th Anniversary, the Curve invites everyone to partake in a year-long jubilation, commencing with the Chinese New Year festivities. Serving as a steadfast beacon of community, festivity, and inclusivity, the Curve embarks on its grandest anniversary celebration to date. This momentous occasion signifies not just a singular event but the commencement of a year-long revelry, underscoring the Curve’s commitment to fostering a profound sense of community and togetherness throughout this monumental 20th Anniversary journey.

For more details about the Dragon Enchantment celebration and other upcoming events at the Curve, please visit their website at www.thecurve.my, or stay connected with them on Facebook and Instagram.