A Bigger Sized ZA Deep Cleansing Oil


My general impression of ZA is that it has an equally good range of skincare as well as make-up. One of the skincare products I’ve always wanted to try is their Deep Cleansing Oil which was previously only available in 100ml (RM24.90) but now comes in a 200ml bottle which I feel is actually a better size since 100ml won’t last me very long.

ZA Deep Cleansing Oil is formulated with natural plant oils, a blend of rice germ oil and virgin olive oil. As with most cleansing oils, I apply it on my dry face and gradually add water to emulsify. I need about 4-5 pumps especially if I am using it to remove eye make-up too.

The consistency of this oil is runny and it has a mild floral scent. As a makeup remover,  I won’t say that it’s been 100% effective as there is still some residue even though I massaged it on to my eyelids and face for a longer duration than I normally do. As you can see from the image below, there’s still some mascara and foundation/powder residue so I have to use another cleanser after the oil to remove everything properly.

This is an acceptable Cleansing Oil if you don’t have heavy make-up on as it dissolves oils/impurities well without leaving skin feeling dry or tight. I don’t think that it is effective in totally removing waterproof or even non-waterproof mascara.

Price of the 200ml bottle is unavailable.

Note : Product was provided by PR for review.