3 New Shades Of Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil


Top to Bottom – Perversion, Demolition, Woodstock

Urban Decay’s ultra-black Zero pencil is their #1 best-selling black eye pencil. Then they launched Perversion, a much blacker black than Zero. Put the two side by side and Zero doesn’t seem that black any more. Perversion is as intense a black as you can find in any eyeliner pencil. It appeared last year in Urban Decay’s Limited Edition 15-Year Anniversary Pencil set.

These 3 new shades – Perversion, Demolition & Woodstock were previously only available in gift sets. They contain Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil and Cotton Seed Oil to condition eyes. They have a very creamy and soft texture so you can actually blend them easily. It’s said that you have 30 seconds to smudge them before they dry.

Having soft eyeliners is both good and not-so-good. It’s good because obviously, there is little to no tugging of the eyelids while you apply but not-so-good because the tip isn’t that sharp after each use and being so soft, it can be hard to get that sharp and precise line at one go. These are a lot softer than MAC’s Powerpoint Pencils, for example. Of the 3, Demolition and Perversion are softer than Woodstock.

The 1st image below is swatches of Zero compared to Perversion and the 2nd image is swatches of the 3 new shades:-

Perversion – matte blackest carbon black

Demolition – matte deepest, darkest brown

Woodstock – bright fuchsia pink shimmer with silver micro glitter

Woodstock is the only one of the three with fine glitter but I’m not quite sure what eye shadows would complement Woodstock. Perversion can look quite harsh as it is so incredibly black. Zero is a safer black option if you desire a softer look and if you want an even softer look, Demolition would be a good choice.

My biggest problem with the eyeliners is that although they are stated as waterproof and supposed to be non-smudging/fading, they transfer on to my under-eye area within an hour of wear even if I am not outdoors. I have oily lids and these don’t stay on my lids for very long. It’s especially bad with Perversion since it gives me the panda look. So much for looking as immaculate as Kim K!

UD’s 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils are available exclusively at Sephora at RM69/1.2g.

Note : Products were provided by PR for review.