10 Under RM10 At Pavilion KL’s Tokyo Street


It’s Tokyo Street’s 10th Anniversary! Here are 10 Japanese-inspired goodies under RM10 you can find at Pavilion KL’s much-loved precinct.

Japanese Mini Hair Clips



Looking for some kawaii hair accessories to complete your look? It’s fun and functional with Bomnal’s Japanese Mini Clips for only RM9.90 with their Buy 2 Free 1 promotion.

Location: Bomnal, Level 6, Tokyo Street

Multipurpose Silicone Brush

daiso-multipurpose-silicone-brushLadies, it is time to clean your dirty make up brushes. Check out Daiso’s multipurpose silicone brush for only RM5.90 to clean brushes of various shapes, with its wavy surface to easily loosen make up, oil and dirt.

Location: Daiso, Level 6, Tokyo Street

Coin Pouch


karafu-2Looking for a coin pouch that is cute and affordable? Karafu has the right one for you. For only RM9.80, this useful pouch keeps your coins and bank notes, as well as ID and credit cards with many nice designs to choose from. It is also great for kids to use as a wallet.

Location: Karafu, Level 6, Tokyo Street (During the Phase 1 of the National Recovery Plan, readers may visit Karafu’s Instagram or Facebook page at Karafucool for more info).

Orihiro Purun To Konnyaku Jelly

orihiro-purun-to-konnyaku-jelly-muscatOrihiro Purun To Konnyaku Jelly is a flavourful jelly dessert that makes the perfect snack when you’re craving something chewy and sweet. Get them today at Shojikiya for only RM7.50.

Location: Shojikiya, Level 6, Tokyo Street

Scented Tea Light Candles

daiso-aroma-tea-light-candle-sweet-lavendarCreate an ambience to uplift, relax and soothe your mood, in your very own home. For only RM5.90, Daiso offers an assortment of scented tea light candles to match your mood. To calm yourself before bedtime, the Daiso No-15 Aroma Tea Light Candle in Sweet Lavender is an affordable favourite.

Location: Daiso, Level 6, Tokyo Street

Hello Kitty Sway Pen

hello-kitty-sway-penhello-kitty-sway-pen-2Attention to all Hello Kitty fans! Time to add this item into your precious collection. Available at Karafu, The Hello Kitty Sway Pen is super kawaii with a price tag of RM9.80 each. You can also buy 2 at only RM18.

Location: Karafu, Level 6, Tokyo Street (During the Phase 1 of the National Recovery Plan, readers may visit Karafu’s Instagram or Facebook page at Karafucool for more info).

myEureka Popcorn



Movie nights at home aren’t complete without a big bag of popcorn! Make your next movie night the best one yet with these delicious myEureka popcorn from only RM9.10.

Location: myEureka, Level 6, Tokyo Street

Glico Almond Crush Pocky

glico-almond-crush-pockyFor all nut lovers! Glico Almond Crush Pocky biscuit sticks are covered with a smooth layer of rich milk chocolate and crunchy almond pieces that are simply irresistible. Get it now at Shojikiya for only RM9.90 each.

Location: Shojikiya, Level 6, Tokyo Street

Matcha Drinks


Are you a Matcha addict? If you’re looking for a good, freshly brewed matcha drink, you have to check out these Matcha beverages at Matcha Hero Kyoto from only RM9.

Location: Matcha Hero Kyoto, Level 6, Tokyo Street

Under-Eye Pad

daiso-under-eye-padCheck out these super affordable under-eye pads from Daiso for only RM5.90. Under-eye pads are made specifically to help with the most common under-eye problems such as to reduce dark circles, puffiness, wrinkles and fine lines.

Location: Daiso, Level 6, Tokyo Stree