People Fall For The Online Job Scam Because It Sounds So Easy

In the past few months, there have been more reports of people falling for the part-time job scam. It’s the one where all you have to do is subscribe to some YouTube channels & you get paid RM10 for each subscription. It really does sound like such easy money but of course there is much more to it than meets the eye.

I’m the most cynical person I know which sometimes is not a good thing but I smelt a scam on the way. The person who contacted me gave me 3 tasks, all to subscribe to various YouTube channels and for that I received RM30 very quickly. If you have thousands in your bank account, I would advise against giving your account details. It’s best to use an account where you only have a nominal amount, preferably an account where the scammers won’t even bother siphoning off your balance as there’s next to nothing in there. It would be a waste of their time.

After successfully performing those tasks and sending a screenshot as proof, I was directed to contact The Receptionist and for that I had to download the Telegram app which I had never downloaded before. The Receptionist is the Director of the Scam as she will bark out the instructions and appear to be your new friend who will make you seriously rich provided you follow her instructions to the letter.

The Receptionist explains that you have to participate in merchant tasks in between the subscription to YouTube tasks. In total, there are 30 tasks every day. There are 4 merchant tasks every day and if you choose not to participate in the 1st merchant task, your salary for the subscription tasks will drop. She piles on the pressure so that you will participate in the merchant tasks which is to deposit a certain amount of money ranging from hundreds to thousands, ostensibly to assist “merchants to complete clicks and traffic to obtain more business activities, so as to realize primitive accumulation and finally achieve listing”. I have no idea what any of that means I got what it entailed.

At the end of the 1st day, I received RM100 for participating in the subscription to YouTube tasks. There were no merchant tasks as it was already late in the day. The next day, the members in my group sounded enthusiastic about completing all the tasks. It’s easy to get swept up in that as the members will declare how much they have earned and that they even quit their full-time jobs to do this every day for big money.

After the 1st few subscribe to YouTube tasks, the merchant tasks came out and you could see screenshots of how much people invested in those tasks and they would then say they received back what they had invested together with their commission which is around 30% of whatever they had invested. Naturally, an unskeptical person would think it was so fast and easy to get extra income. Apparently, you would receive back your investment and commission within 10 minutes.

As I didn’t want to perform any merchant tasks, The Receptionist reminded me that not doing so would affect my salary. I would then be paid RM5 for each subscription to YouTube task. Despite not participating in a single merchant task, my earnings on the 2nd day was RM60.

On Day 3, I participated in the 1st 3 YouTube tasks and earned RM30. After that, again I passed on the merchant task and subsequently earned only RM1 for the YouTube task so I decided it was time to withdraw. I deleted the YouTube app after blocking The Receptionist and the person who contacted me initially.

It sounds very tempting but is actually so risky. Many may be tempted by the bait, that you earn an extra RM500 on top of the RM300 for completing all 30 tasks. That’s RM800 per day and RM5600 a week. Most of us don’t even get RM500 a month so to be told you can earn that amount per week gets to your head and even I for a millisecond thought it was a godsend. However, who would offer that kind of money and not want something much bigger than that in return?


    IS A SCAM SITE 100%
    I LOST 19K IN 6 DAYS
    You start on there with $100
    Then you do certain tasks. Then uou get a combo task which puts you into minus. Then you have to deposit more cash to continue. By the time you have put in more cash, the site tells you cannot continue because you passed your deadline, which you knew nothing about. Then they tell you that a merchant wants compensation of $4000 to bring your credit score back to 100% and you will get it back in 15 days. You do that. Then they say you have one more compensation to pay of $5000. After you deposit that, you can continue. And this is never ending.
    The site looks real but it is a SCAM.