Wishing All Night Moisturisers Were Like This


We all know that it’s important to keep skin hydrated while we sleep particularly if we’re sleeping with the air-con blasting away. Night moisturisers are generally creamier, thicker and more potent than day moisturisers but some of us may still prefer lighter textured night moisturisers.

Biotherm’s new Aquasource Nuit High Density Hydrating Jelly bucks the trend of night moisturisers because the texture is even lighter than a gel. As its name implies, it’s more like a jelly from the way the moisturiser slided across the back of my hand when I squeezed out some from the tube. In fact, it was quite difficult getting the shot because it was so slippery, it didn’t stay put on one spot for long.

Once applied on to skin, this light blue clear jelly transforms into liquid. It’s more than a moisturiser as it can double up as a sleeping mask if you apply a thicker layer. The scent is lovely, it’s like they have some essential oils in there. I’m not sure exactly what makes up the scent but it’s great for inhaling before hitting the sack.

This is one night moisturiser I wouldn’t mind purchasing as I love the incredibly light texture and fact that it’s so different from any other night moisturiser I’ve tried before. Retails at RM180/50ml.