Tokyo Pastry @ Avenue K



If you had asked me before my Avenue K Food Adventure on Saturday whether there was one eatery there I really wanted to visit, I’d have told you it was Tokyo Pastry as I look fondly at the place every time I pass it to go to Sushi Zanmai. Okay I mentioned before that I don’t have a sweet tooth but who can resist delectable cake calling out “Eat Me”! from the display case? My will power was waning and sooner or later I’d be at Tokyo Pastry even if it wasn’t for the AK Food Adventure.

Tokyo Pastry offers cakes and pastries that will delight the most discerning customer and the café really has this classy ambiance, it’s a place I could sit for hours sipping my tea/coffee and munching slowly on my piece of mouth-watering creamy cake.




As I could have any piece of cake I wanted (thanks Tokyo Pastry for not limiting our selection), I chose the Yamaimo Cake which is basically yam but it’s sandwiched between layers of cream and sponge, what an awesome combination. It’s not too sweet and just this one piece is so filling that one can even have it for lunch. Believe me, you will be so satisfied. However, it doesn’t feel heavy. The beauty of this cake is how light and fluffy it is.


I also had a bite of their Choko Mousse Tart, it’s unique because most pastry houses will just offer the cake without the tart at the bottom but having the tart as well gives the cake another texture and dimension. Once again, this doesn’t taste too sweet and is incredibly light on the palate. Doesn’t this look too good to eat? Once you take a bite of this, you might just find yourself hooked.

Tokyo Pastry is located at M-20, SAC-M-1 Avenue K.

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