Thanks To Domino’s Malaysia, I Got To Watch ‘Aquaman’



Domino’s Malaysia invited bloggers and their top spenders to watch ‘Aquaman’ at a special screening in TGV 1 Utama last night. Normally I am not inclined towards the superhero from comic books turned into movies genre but hey, the hunky, beefy Jason Momoa is the lead and I have always liked stories about Atlantis so how could I resist even though the movie would end rather late? Jason Momoa is probably one of the few male actors who can look good with that much hair on his face and head.

This movie was a visual feast from beginning to end as we were brought on a tour of the undersea lands as well as beautiful scenery from the Sahara Desert to Sicily, Italy. The best scenes are definitely the underwater ones because it’s like watching ‘Avatar’ under the sea. There are exotic lands like The Brine Kingdom where the inhabitants are giant crustaceans. There’s also Xebel, Kingdom Of The Deserters and The Hidden Sea where Aquaman a.k.a. Arthur Curry’s mother, Atlanna (Queen of Atlantis) played by Nicole Kidman has sought refuge for 20 years after being thrown into The Trench which is inhabited by the scariest and most monstrous sea creatures ever seen.

There’s plenty of fight scenes on land and under water. Aquaman is like Wolverine, no matter what weapon injures him, be it a trident or a bullet or some super high-tech water gun, he doesn’t die like an ordinary mortal would have. Even if you aren’t a huge fan of comic book heroes, the cinematography itself makes this movie worth watching.