Sunsilk Perfect Straight



One of the definitions of a beauty junkie has to be someone who has products she hasn’t opened yet wants more. I guess I fit into that category since I have shampoos and conditioners I haven’t touched yet when my friend recommended the Sunsilk Perfect Straight Nourishing Conditioner because it kept her hair straight, I knew I had to try the Perfect Straight range. When you have uncontrollable frizz like my hair, then you’ll to anything to keep it manageable and presentable.

The ads of these products are aired nightly but I wouldn’t have purchased them if it wasn’t for my friend’s recommendation plus the fact that they were RM8.80 each when I got them. I don’t think they are sold at that price now, original price is RM12.80 each for 340ml shampoo and 320ml conditioner.

I have tried Sunsilk products before but they were just average, nothing I would have repurchased The Perfect Straight range has Advanced Straight Lock Technology which penetrates deep within the hair fiber. It locks in straightness, sounded exactly like what I need.

The shampoo is surprisingly good for a few reasons – nice scent, not much hair fall-out while shampooing and my air was untangled and smooth before conditioner. The conditioner made my hair even smoother and soft. I didn’t even need to use a hair straightener or post-shampoo straightening products and my hair was relatively frizz-free. It was easy to comb my hair and remained satisfyingly straight until the next shampoo! I can’t believe the price so affordable for products that really work to keep my hair straight.