Sungei Wang Plaza Halloween Treats : U-Café



After our visit to the 9D Cinema in Sungei Wang Plaza, we were ushered to U-Café at the Concourse level of Sungei Wang Plaza for lunch. As we entered U-Café, the tables were already set out with rows of our Halloween Set Lunch – Chef’s Pumpkin Rice and Chicken Chop.

Each and every pumpkin was hollowed out and carved beautifully, roasted to perfection and filled with the U-Café’s signature fried rice and succulent chicken chop with sauce. We also had a bowl of pumpkin soup to complete the meal.

The portion of fried rice was very generous and I couldn’t finish mine, partly due to the rice being a bit too spicy for my liking. It’s not that I can’t take chilies but I’m not fond of too much chili in my rice, I’d have preferred the spiciness factor to be toned down a little.

 prThis Halloween set lunch is available is on the menu for the Halloween celebrations from 26th to 30th October 2015 @ RM14.75 + relevant taxes.