Staycation At Ascott Kuala Lumpur: Part 2

La Bodega @ Ascott KL
La Bodega @ Ascott KL

Day 2 of my staycation at Ascott KL started with a breakfast buffet at La Bodega, located within Ascott’s premises. As Ascott doesn’t have in-house dining which makes sense to me because Ascott KL is surrounded by so many cafes and restaurants, guests can partake of breakfast @ La Bodega. I would say it’s quite a small buffet but for me, even bread and eggs are sufficient.

Croissants, muffins and other pastries
Egg station
Fried mihun
Baked beans
Fried rice
A small breakfast

This is by far the smallest breakfast buffet I have ever seen but if it’s tasty, then I don’t mind. I ordered scrambled eggs from the egg station. I think it was done okay, not the tastiest but edible. The fried mihun was average, I have tasted better fried mihun in packets from roadside vendors. The pastries were unmemorable even when spread with butter and jam. Maybe some nasi lemak would have whetted our appetites more than this fare.

I didn’t have a second helping of the pastries because a small insect (possibly of the cockroach variety) was seen happily scurrying around the pastries wooden board. Before I could take a photo, it disappeared under the board. I don’t even see such insects at my neighbourhood kopitiams (there are the occasional rodents outside but that’s OUTSIDE).

While the accommodation at Ascott KL is beyond my expectations, the breakfast at La Bodega is rather startling for the lack in quality and variety of choices. Actually, lack of choices would have been fine if the quality is there but having tasted the breakfast here, I think any cafe within the vicinity would have provided better food. I almost forgot to mention that the tea and coffee were so weak that they didn’t taste like tea/coffee. They’re both from pots but sadly, the quality of the hot beverages has the same level of quality as the food which is to say, none at all.