Soap & Glory Sit Tight™ Intense XS For That Tighter Booty


What could possibly be better than Soap & Glory Sit Tight™? Sit Tight™ Intense XS of course, with a new stronger formula and their Circu-360™ ergonomically engineered tri-ball massage roller. It’s been created to help:-

  • reduce the appearance of orange peel skin.
  • stimulate circulation and aid lymphatic drainage.
  • firm, rehydrate and recontour the skin.
  • deliver slow-release slenderizing actives while you sit.

With the roller-ball, I thought it’d be easier and faster to apply than the previous Sit Tight™ where I had to use my palms to massage it in but I found it a bit hard to squeeze out the gel and couldn’t tell whether enough had been squeezed out each time for it to be effective. I had to squeeze the tube really hard and it was only when I felt the heat when I sat down that I knew it was working. You’ll stimulate circulation more if you massage with the roller for a longer period of time. In case anyone is wondering what ingredients contribute to the heat sensation, there’s red pepper and ginger extracts to improve microcirculation (improve blood flow).

I apply Sit Tight™ after my shower because I believe that’s when it’ll be most effective. The heat lasts for some time but it’s not searing heat. However if you have sensitive skin, you might feel the heat a lot more than me. I’ve always thought I had thick skin and I mean that literally and figuratively.

My skin back there isn’t that dimply to begin with but I will say that my bum feels softer and doesn’t look as saggy. It’s never going to look like Kylie or J. Lo’s booties but I can’t let my bum sag more than it already has. The ravages of time! It does look slightly tauter since I started using Sit Tight™ Super Intense XS.

Available exclusively at Sephora at RM129/125ml.

Soap & Glory Sit Tight™ Intense XS has been provided by Sephora for review.