Soap & Glory Peaches And Clean™


If you like the smell of peaches, you will love Soap & Glory’s Peaches and Clean™. The fruity scent of this cleanser is incredible – you’ll have to take a whiff of it or you’ll think I’m exaggerating. This is a milky cleanser for removing make-up/impurities with a yogurt like consistency.

It’s contained within a slim pump plastic bottle and I need about 4 pumps per application. It does remove most of my make-up (sometimes stubborn make-up needs a 2nd cleansing to remove) but it needs to be massaged on dry skin for a few seconds and if you’re not in a hurry, let it sit on your skin for a while. Thanks to the fabulous peachy scent, I am happy to let my skin soak up the cleanser for more than a few brief seconds.

These are the key ingredients:-

  1. Natural Peach Fruit Extract
  2. Quillaja Bark
  3. Jojoba Oil
  4. Detoxyboost™ Technology
  5. Poreshrink R2™

My skin feels velvety smooth and soft after it has been rinsed off. There was a slight problem with the pump when it came to dispensing the last remaining bits. There was enough for 2 more uses and it wouldn’t pump out any more so I had to turn the bottle upside-down open up the cap to get the remainder. That aside, I’d like to see a complementary facial scrub to this cleanser. Love this one and price is reasonable too.

Soap & Glory Peaches And Clean™ 200ml will soon be available exclusively at Sephora at RM55.

Note : Product was provided by PR for review.