SK-II Stempower Eye Cream



Finally had a chance to see and touch SK-II Stempower Eye Cream as it was on the table during the tea party with Lee Yeon Hee last week. The product has been available since August and is the most recent product to join the Stempower range. It feels very fluid and light.

This eye cream targets the 3 critical points around the eye to give a more youthful overall appearance. Combining revolutionary STEMPOWER technology with the specially formulated PAL-VB Complex, and Lupine-Alfalfa Extract, SK-II’s STEMPOWER Eye Cream works to ignite a chain reaction of beauty for a more youthful overall look around the eyes.


The STEMPOWER Eye Cream addresses each of these areas with the new Stem-Acanax Eye Complex which comprises three potent ingredients:

  • STEMPOWER TRIO Active: A combination of Concentrated PiteraTM, Stem Acanax and Artichoke Extract, this cocktail improves skin’s plumpness and boosts radical firmness and inner resilience.
  • PAL-VB Complex: This specially formulated ingredient promotes production of skin’s structural protein that is important for skin’s elasticity and wrinkle resilience.
  • Lupine-Alfalfa Extract: This aids in preventing sagging of eye bags.

Upon application, the STEMPOWER Eye Cream works to smoothen the appearance of wrinkles and even out the texture around the entire eye area. It helps to combat the signs of damage due to external factors such as UV, dryness and dust, and creates a bright-eyed look that lasts for the entire day.

SK-II Stempower Eye Cream retails at RM367/15g.