SK-II Pitera House Giveaway


Pitera House Publika illustration

A few weeks ago, I blogged about SK-II’s 1st ever Pitera House in Malaysia. From today till 14 Oct 2014, visitors will be able to trace SK-II’s anti-aging breakthroughs and innovations leading up to their award-winning STEMPOWER series. They will also get to experience first-hand, the state-of-the-art analysis technology that SK-II has to offer. You can have your skin analysed by the brand’s Magic Ring, the results are very detailed.

SK-II has kindly sponsored this Giveaway for Juniper’s Journal readers who visit their Pitera House. There are five (5) 75ml bottles of their famous and best-selling Facial Treatment Essence (which really need no introduction) for this Giveaway. You don’t need to answer any questions or complete any slogans. This is for those who have an Instagram account and who doesn’t nowadays other than me?

Here’s how you can win a bottle of Facial Treatment Essence worth RM229.

1, Visit the Pitera House from today till 14 Oct 2014 and take a creative selfie, load on to your Instagram account with the #juniperchangeskindestiny

2. Upload the selfie to your Facebook and tag @junipersjournal

That’s all! I will update this post with the names of winners after 14 Oct 2014 and the winners have 48 hours after the announcement is made on Facebook that the winners have been selected to email me with their details. Prizes will be dispatched to winners directly by SK-II to addresses in Malaysia.