Sizzlin’ Eye Looks With Too Faced’s Smokey Eye Shadow Collection


Too Faced’s eye shadow box sets offer many choices for different looks. Previously, I’d featured the Neutral Eye Shadow Collection which offered beautiful textures and shades. Too Faced eye shadows in the box sets don’t disappoint and the shades in the Smokey Eye Shadow Collection are no exception.

Just like the Neutral Eye Shadow Collection, the Smokey Eye Shadow Collection comes in a similar box but in predominantly black colours. I do wish that the boxes were not cardboard so that they are more sturdy and I don’t have to worry about them being crushed if I bring them on a trip. Also, it’d be nice if they came with a brush or two and a mirror.

There are 3 instruction cards included in the sleeve on the box cover. Complete with diagrams, the instructions are a breeze to follow but of course, just as with any eye shadow set, there is no “hard-and’fast” rule and one is only limited by one’s imagination/creativity. I’d use the eye shadows in any order I like but for the purpose of this review, the looks below were created more or less following the instruction cards.

These are the main reasons why I love the Too Faced box sets:-

1) Colours are intense with excellent colour pay-off and pigmentation.

2) So many looks can be created using the 9 colours (3 highlighter shades in each box).

3) I can use the highlighters with any other eye shadows and they enhance any look.

4) The box sets offer different eye shadow textures ranging from shimmer, metallics to matte.

5) The eye shadows are so easy to blend and I never need an eye shadow primer with them.

6) All the eye shadows are smooth and never chalky nor is there any fall-out.

7) The colours don’t fade all day, even on yours truly’s oily lids.

Best reason is probably #8 – Price is reasonable in view that one gets 9 colours in these sets (good quality + quantity!). Cheaper than buying 2 colours + palette from Shu Uemura.

9) They are thoughtful in that the 3 highlight shades are always more in quantity than the other 6 colours.

10) Instruction cards are provided just in case anyone needs them.


For the day look, these 3 colours are used:-

1) Firefly (Silvery Taupe)

2) Cloves (Bronzey Brown)

3) Up In Smoke (Black Brown)

Firefly is a versatile neutral highlighter perfect for this day look. In this trio, Cloves is my favourite colour as the bronze shimmer is simply outstanding. The shade takes my breath away and when viewed at certain angles, it doesn’t even look like a bronze brown but more towards olive green. I know that may seem a bit hard to believe just looking at the swatch but when worn on the eyelid, the colour can look quite different from the swatch. It’s like a chameleon colour, another reason to love and adore this shade to bits.

Up In Smoke is the darkest shade in this trio and I use it sparingly for the day look. The instruction card for the day look calls for Up In Smoke to be blended on the lower lashes but I haven’t done so here since any dark colours on my lower lashes tend to transform me into a hybrid, a human-raccoon.


For the classic look, these 3 colours are used:-

1) White Lie (Sugar White)

2) Nice Ash (Charcoal)

3) Smokin’ Hot (Matte Black)

This look is perhaps the most potentially smokey of the 3 looks as the colours can be intensified into a very dark look. White Lie is a shimmery highlighter which might be a bit bright for day. Nice Ash is my kind of charcoal-grey and smolders, very nicely paired with the darkest shade in the trio, the matte Smokin’ Hot.


Last but not least, we have the Fashion Look which consists of these 3 colours:-

1) In a Flash (Silver Shimmer)

2) Smoking Jacket (Black Plum)

3) Smolder (Matte Navy)

In a Flash isn’t so much a highlighter as it is a colour for the inner eyelid crease. I think it’s a little too strong to be used as a highlighter. Anyway, the instruction card for this look doesn’t state that it’s to be used as a highlighter but to be pressed onto the inner lid and around the tear duct.

Smoking Jacket is a beautiful shimmery purple/plum which is used from the middle of the eyelid crease extending outwards. Smolder is used only on the outer corner of the eyelid crease extending outwards. Both these colours can also be used on the lower lash area.

Overall, another superb combination of colours from Too Faced. Now if only they included a mirror and one or two useful brushes, it’d be perfect. The eye shadows in this set are 3 x 2g and 6 x 0.9g. Available at Sephora for RM129.

Note : The Smokey Eye Shadow Collection was provided by PR for review.