Sephora Masks



I am not sure how new these Sephora masks are but I saw them hanging on a wall during my 1st visit to their outlet at Nu Sentral a few weeks ago. Every mask is in a round packet and there appear to be so many of them, each with a different effect. For example, the ginseng mask is for forming and toning while the green tea mask is for mattifying and anti-blemish. All the masks are made in China but the ingredients are sourced from different countries.

The fabric is quite unlike anything I have seen before, it isn’t thick and is packed full of serum. The mask is supposed to be left on for 20 minutes which is reasonable. I didn’t see any difference in my skin other than that it was well hydrated.


Good mask for hydration but beyond that, I didn’t notice any brightening results. The mask is a bit too big for me especially at the top. I think it’d suit those with high foreheads as it stretched well past my hairline. The scent of green tea/ginseng is rather mild.

The Green Tea and Ginseng Sephora Masks are press samples.