Sephora Collection Color Festival Blockbuster Palette



While it’s nice to have a blockbuster palette such as this one with 130 colours, I wonder if you’d use it everyday or even every other day. I have one of these from years ago and I only take it out occasionally so it’s sitting there collecting dust on the box. It’s so bulky and tiresome to take in and out of its box.

This year, in addition to the usual eye shadows, there are two mirrors and four separate lip and cheek stains—the first time these have been featured in a Sephora palette. The eye shadows look more or less the same as fro previous years’ blockbuster sets.

Have you purchased the Sephora Collection Color Festival Blockbuster Palette or do you have any intention of purchasing it?

I’ll say it is value for money but if I had this one, it’s most probably join the other blockbuster set in collecting dust.



  1. hahaha! collecting dust! i feel the same too! I particularly dislike lipsticks or glosses that come in palette, imagine the eyeshadow powder and dust stuck onto it. yucks! Oh, btw, what do u think about their eyeshadows? how’s the color payoff like? does it last long hours?

    • The color pay-off is average and if you want/need it to last longer, please use with an eyeshadow primer. I think that one cannot expect the same quality from blockbuster sets as you’d expect from mono eyeshadows.

  2. If I makeup everyday or does makeup for a lot of people, I would probably need this but for individual purposes, these is sure heavy to carry around. I don’t really like lip products in form of palette too.