Sengkuang Facial Scrub From Tanamera


During my visit to Cosmobeaute Asia few weeks ago, I stopped at Tanamera to pick up this pack of Sengkuang or Yam Bean Facial Scrub. There are 4 sachets in the pack and each pack can be used for 4-5 applications.

The Sengkuang Facial Scrub is a blend of yam beans and herbs for rejuvenating dull, tired skin. It smells slightly herbal but not unpleasantly so. Just pour out a little into a small bowl and add some Tanamera floral water to make a paste. If you don’t have Tanamera floral water, just use some Thermal Spa Water, doesn’t matter if it’s Vichy, Avene or any other brand’s.

Add the water gradually, the paste needs to be sufficiently thick to be effective. The downside to using this scrub is that it can get messy so you have to bend over the sink or use it in the bathtub/shower. Bits of it will fall into the sink or floor.

Rub the paste in a circular motion beginning from the chin and working outward and upward. There’s no need to massage it ito skin for too long. Besides, the scrub won’t stay put on the face for long.

After washing off, the results are quite apparent. I had much brighter skin. The scrub is easily washed off and it won’t leave any stains in the sink. It’s a cost-effective product given that each sachet can be used several times.

The normal retail price of the pack is RM22 but I purchased mine for RM11 as it was on special at Cosmobeaute Asia.