Searching For Chiropractic Treatment : Consultation At Divine Chiropractic Center


20220602_112412After 10 sessions at MyBowen Therapy, I cancelled my latest appointment as I realised despite multiple sessions, my heel spur problem wasn’t going away and in fact, was getting worse. I had to try other treatments and so I looked at some chiropractic centers to see what they had to offer. First thing to do when searching for a service is to read other customers’ reviews online.

The first chiropractic center I went to a few days ago was Divine Chiropractic Center Taman Danau Desa simply because it is one of the nearest chiropractic centers to me and I know the exact location because I used to frequent the bakeries on the same row of shop houses.  I didn’t call or WhatsApp them, just turned up in the morning and asked about their consultation charge.

As it turned out, I could have a consultation with the doctor there and then so since I was already there, I took the slot. The consultation charge is RM100 and that doesn’t include any treatment (unlike some other centers which I will blog about in due course). The registration process involves handing over my identity card just as I would have to at any hospital. Not sure why that is necessary though as I was just going for a consultation.

In no time at all, I was ushered in to the doctor’s room. The doctor introduced herself as Dr. Sim and she gave me a very good impression. She is patient and asked all the right questions, diagnosing my heel spur as Haglund’s Deformity as it’s a bony bump on the back of the heel bone forming where the Achilles tendon attaches to the heel bone. It could have been caused by my wearing flat shoes, with the heel rubbing against the back of the shoe or perhaps due to my right leg being slightly shorter than the left.

There was a brief examination of my legs with me lying face down. Dr. Sim also tested my reflexes with a reflex hammer (haven’t seen that in years). Then she discussed their treatment plan with me, she described my heel condition as “chronic” as it has persisted for about a year already.

She recommended a combination of treatments for each session (recommended 15 sessions). They offer shockwave therapy, ultrasound, manual therapy, chiropractic adjustment and electrical stimulation and each one of these therapies has its own specific charge. She gave a very detailed explanation for these treatments.

After the explanation, she left the room to prepare a print-out of the treatment plan which would be presented to me by the therapist. I waited about 10 minutes in her room before the therapist came in with the treatment plan as shown below.


When I saw the total amount for 15 sessions, my head was spinning a bit as it was definitely way out of my budget. Even if I paid for each session as I went along, it was still out of my budget as I had only been paying RM200 per session at MyBowen Therapy. I was sure there are other chiropractic centers which are within my budget. Now I am not saying their charges are unreasonable, I am sure my problem would be resolved if I took up this treatment plan. However, I need to have my treatments at a chiropractic center which fits within my budget so I decided to continue searching.