This Rocket Needs More Propulsion



Anyone who stopped at the Maybelline display at any drugstore would probably pick up the Rocket Volum’ Express to have a closer look as the colours on the mascara are certainly arresting. Claiming to deliver 8 times more root-to-tip volume, the brush has an innovative design as it combines a rigid core and soft elastomer bristles. The core is significantly greater in circumference than traditional brushes. It’s designed to make it easier to apply pressure to lashes during application and deposit a big dose of mascara to coat each lash from root to tip immediately.

The mascara contains gellant, an ingredient that enhances the creamy texture of its gel-based formula. The film formers in the mascara enhance the wear of the mascara, resulting in longer lating, smudge-proof and flake-resistant wear.


Firstly, what I like about the mascara is that brush is the right size and length which makes it easy to handle and apply the mascara to every lash, no matter how small, short or sparse. There’s no clumping which is great as it’s time-consuming to clean up the mess left by clumps. I have used mascaras which were so clumpy that I cast them aside after using them just once.

Despite wearing the mascara for a full 8+ hours, it didn’t smudge. I had lunch in a coffee shop and was sweating quite a bit but the mascara didn’t budge at all. That’s probably the best thing about this mascara since I have found very few to be non-smudging.



bef1after1In terms of lengthening and more importantly volumising, I’d say the effects were average. Nothing so spectacular and amazing. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it delivered “dramatic volume” for me. Obviously there was an improvement but I won’t be jumping up and down singing the praises of this mascara.

For August 2013 (only 3 days left), customers who purchase this mascara will enjoy a full money back guarantee if they ar not satisfied with the results this mascara claims. If you’re not satisfied with the results, you are entitled to a refund (terms and conditions apply, I have no idea what they are). For more details, check out the Maybelline New York Malaysia Facebook Fan Page. I hear they have a contest where the Grand Prize is a trip to The Big Apple so if you’d like to pose with the mascara & put it up on their Facebook page, you have a chance unlike me who is too old/jaded to pose kawaii.

The Rocket Volum’ Express retails at RM39.90 (it’s currently on discount at Guardian – RM17.55 till 1st Sept 2013, that’s a whopping 56% discount so now is the time to grab one of you are curious as to how it will fare on your lashes, maybe it’ll work better on you than it did on me).

Product is a press sample.