Red Lobster @ Mid Valley Megamall



I guess that the fact that there’s a chain of restaurants specialising in serving lobster dishes shows that we are willing to pay for expensive seafood. I am not a huge fan of lobster and much prefer fish but since someone was treating me to Red Lobster @ Mid Valley Megamall, why not?

We were there for lunch so they have a set menu for lunch from 11am-3pm starting from RM19.90 and that includes soup, main course and bottomless drink. Not every dish has lobster in it so prices are not as high as one would expect, for e.g. you can have Seafood Marinara on the set menu for RM29.90. I chose the salmon @ RM39.90 which can be oven-broiled, blackened or grilled.


The mushroom soup tasted like it had come out of a can. It comes with a piece of toast which is nicer than the soup.


We are given complimentary cheddar bay biscuits, as much as we can eat. Some people love these but I found them a bit bland.


You can have a solo @ RM22.90 or sharing @ RM41.90 portion of sweet chili shrimp. The solo portion consists of 5 shrimps which is really small. Very succulent and crispy as they are battered and the sauce is delicious.


Lobster-Crab-and-Seafood-Stuffed Mushrooms also come in solo @ RM19.80 or sharing @ RM32.50 portions and are smothered in mozzarella cheese. They’re okay but not something I would order for myself.


I didn’t like my grilled salmon at all. The vegetables were hard and so was the salmon which was overcooked and dry. The only thing truly edible were the potato wedges. The main course was a total disappointment.