Ramadan Buffet At Hadramawt Kitchen: Outstandingly Delicious Middle Eastern & Arab Cuisine

Hadramawt Kitchen Ampang

Middle Eastern and Arab cuisine is not what I eat on a regular basis but I wish I did as there are so many types of food that I would love to try. Hadramawt Kitchen (HK) held a media preview of their Ramadan buffet recently at their Ampang outlet. They have 3 other outlets located at Damansara, Jelatek and Gombak.

The buffet spread at HK is astonishing in both quantity and quality. There are so many varieties and all of them are of incredibly high quality. As for the desserts, they are so good that I want to go back there just for another taste of the superb desserts, all of which I am unfamiliar with.

Alif Satar is HK’s Brand Ambassador for 2024
The dessert table left me gobsmacked with delight
Carbonara Spaghetti
Shish Barak
Moulokhia Chicken
Palestinian Chicken Musakhan
Kibbeh Labanieh
Mixed Vegetables
Sauteed Vegetables with Potatoes
Rosto Chicken & Rosto Beef
Spicy Fish
Hummus & Baba Ganoush
Mixed Pastries
Kabuli Rice
Whole Lamb with Mandy Rice
Teas & Coffee were the best!

Not only are the various food of premium quality, the teas (Mint & Arabian) and coffee are worth a return visit as I have never tasted such wonderful teas. I wish I could drink these teas every day.

During this media preview, HK announced the appointment of Alif Satar as their Brand Ambassador for 2024. HK’s vision “Beyond Restaurants” transcends traditional restaurant setupsthrough embracing a dynamic and multi-dimensional strategy.

Ramadan Early Birds prices are available from now till 10th March. For more information and reservations, please visit HOME | Hadramawt Kitchen (HK) (hadramawt-kitchen.my)

Also introduced are items on the Rahmah Menu, “Set Makanan Berbuka Puasa”, featuring ready-packed meals in branded bozes specially designed for ease of giving, creating memorable meals with the intention of sadaqah (charity). For this noble cause, HK pledges to donate RM1 to the Palestinian cause for every order of the Rahmah menu, which requires a minimum order of 50 pax.