Radiant Triumph: TUG’s Christmas In Green Illuminates Two Years Of Success And Inspiration


Contributed by Kenny Phang.

In collaboration with Defy Media.

The Unusual Greens (TUG), the renowned gelateria with an unwavering commitment to sustainability, successfully hosted a two-day spectacle, “TUG Turns 2: Christmas in Green” from 22nd to 24th December 2023 at the iconic Rumah Tangsi in Kuala Lumpur. This vibrant Christmas fair not only marked TUG’s two-year journey but also reinforced the brand’s dedication to combating food waste and uplifting the community.

“It was an opportunity for TUG to extend gratitude to the community that nurtured us from humble beginnings. The event echoes TUG’s core values: sustainability, joy, and community — values that are celebrated by likeminded brands in Malaysia dedicated to making a difference in the world,” said Hailey Yong, Founder and CEO of The Unusual Greens.

Partnered with Etiqa Life Insurance Berhad this year as the primary sponsor, TUG’s event showcased eco-friendly practices committed to making a positive impact while observing Christmas with a green and eco-conscious mindset. The brand also teamed up with Play Unlimited to allocate 30% of profits from the event to build a toy library at Hospital Selayang, aligning with the brand’s commitment to social responsibility and community welfare.

On the morning of the 23rd, the first full day of the festival kicked off with a rejuvenating yoga workshop by MOOM Health that drew a crowd of over 50 eager participants. Throughout the day, attendees were encouraged to take part in giveaways from several participating vendors and got the chance to redeem points at participating booths for a lucky draw at the main TUG counter — tracked by an event passport by Eber, while the next day ended with an OATSIDE Latte Art Competition that featured 16 baristas from around Klang Valley showcasing their skills, with Fakhrul Azfar from Hani Eatery crowned champion.

The highlight of Christmas in Green Day 2 was a vibrant local music festival “TUG Turns 2 x Tangsirama Music Fest” featuring artists such as Talitha., Midnight Fusic, Bonafides, Margasatwa, OAG, and Impatient Sisters. The performance witnessed an impressive 1,500 attendees who came out to support their favourite local music acts in an uplifting celebration of local talent and community spirit.

Utilizing reusable Maxima structures, the event showcased TUG’s commitment to reducing material waste by at least 50%. The entrance to Rumah Tangsi was transformed into an educational hub, narrating TUG’s journey in saving fruits and highlighting the brand’s goals to make less food waste a reality.

Collaborations with Circlepac and MAEKO ensured proper food waste management, composting, and sustainable packaging for F&B vendors in an orchestrated effort towards a cleaner, more eco-friendly event. Throughout the event space, practical lessons and tips on upcycling, conscious consumption, and circular economy principles empowered attendees to make a difference — a demonstration of TUG’s commitment to educating and inspiring the community towards sustainable living.

“Christmas In Green” was a catalyst for positive change, solidifying TUG’s position as a sustainable dessert pioneer and zero food waste champion as well as setting the groundwork for the creation of an eco-friendly community. With plans to bring Christmas in Green back in 2025, TUG extends a heartfelt thanks to all partners, sponsors, attendees, and the community for contributing to the success of “TUG Turns 2: Christmas in Green”.

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