Power Root Berhad Is bringing Sappe’s Mogu Mogu Into The Malaysian Market

Power Root Co-Chairman, Yang Amat Dihormati Tengku Indera Pahlawan Diraja Tengku Dato' Setia Putra Alhaj bin YAM Tengku Bendahara Azman Shah Alhaj signs the co-investment agreement with SAPPE's CEO, MissPiyajit Ruckariyapong

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From left to right: 1) Power Root CEO, Mr Wong Tak Keong 2) Power Root Co-Chairman, Yang Amat Dihormati Tengku Indera Pahlawan Diraja Tengku Dato’ Setia Putra Alhaj bin YAM Tengku Bendahara Azman Shah Alha 3)SAPPE’s CEO, Miss Piyajit Ruckariyapong 4) SAPPE’s CFO, Mr Anak Lapsuksatit

Power Root Berhad, a reputable beverage company in Malaysia, has signed a co-investment agreement with Thailand’s Sappe Public Company Limited to bring the world’s most beloved nata de coco drink, Mogu Mogu, into the country for the enjoyment of local consumers.

Sappe PCL is one of Southeast Asia’s top beverage companies listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) and has a market capitalisation of more than US$700 million (about RM3.2 billion). Due to its strong business performance, Sappe was listed as one of Forbes Asia’s Best Under A Billion companies for Thailand in 2022.

One of Sappe’s best-selling brands is Mogu Mogu. With its unique taste and texture, the brand has achieved remarkable success in 90 countries worldwide, selling an astounding 11 million bottles in the UK alone last year.

The collaboration between Power Root and Sappe provides a unique opportunity for the latter to extend its Mogu Mogu brand presence into Malaysia by leveraging on Power Root’s marketing and distribution strength to tap into the local market.

Power Root Co-Chairman, Yang Amat Dihormati Tengku Indera Pahlawan Diraja Tengku Dato’ Setia Putra Alhaj bin YAM Tengku Bendahara Azman Shah Alhaj signs the co-investment agreement with SAPPE’s CEO, Miss Piyajit Ruckariyapong

Power Root Berhad’s Co-Chairman Y.A.D Tengku Dato’ Setia Putra Alhaj Bin Tengku Azman Shah Alhaj said: “Malaysia and Thailand are not only good neighbours but we are wonderful partners in business and trade. While we may compete in some areas, we must always find the opportunities to work together.”

“This wonderful partnership between Power Root of Malaysia and Sappe of Thailand is an example of how we should work with each other. As we leverage on each other’s branding, marketing and distribution capabilities, our companies are also helping to achieve the Malaysian and Thai governments’ bilateral trade target of US$30 billion by 2025.”

The highlight of this exciting partnership is the appointment of rising Korean music sensation Jang Han Byul as the official ambassador for Mogu Mogu. Known for his infectious energy and charismatic persona, Han Byul embodies the brand’s fun and adventurous spirit. Having achieved fame in Malaysia with his impressive repertoire of English, Korean, and Bahasa Malaysia songs, he will infuse Mogu Mogu with a
fresh energy that will resonate with his fans and beverage enthusiasts alike.

“As a brand that has become synonymous with South Korean K-pop group BTS, Mogu Mogu holds a strong appeal among consumers throughout Asia. Likewise, we are thrilled to announce Jang Han Byul as the ambassador for the Mogu Mogu brand in Malaysia,” said Tengku Dato’nSetia Putra Alhaj.

“His immense talent and popularity make him the perfect partner to represent Mogu Mogu and introduce our delightful range of beverages to a wider audience. With Han Byul, we are confident that the Mogu Mogu brand will flourish and captivate the hearts of Malaysians.”

Mogu Mogu, which is renowned for its innovative and refreshing fruit juice with nata de coco, has already garnered loyal followers around the globe. With Han Byul on board, Power Root wants to elevate the brand’s presence locally to new heights with the singer’s widespread appeal and credibility.

Han Byul was deeply honoured to be appointed as Mogu Mogu ambassador in Malaysia. “It is a privilege to represent a brand has captured the hearts of consumers across 90 countries. I am eager to share Mogu Mogu’s joy and goodness with my Malaysian fans.”

In an exciting parallel development, Power Root has also enlisted chart-topping Malaysian singer Khai Bahar as the face for its flagship AliCafe coffee brand. Unleashing a harmonious symphony, Khai Bahar’s extraordinary vocal talent and esteemed status in the Malaysian music perfectly position him as the ideal representative to showcase the irresistible allure of AliCafe.

Expressing his delight of having the popular singer representing AliCafe, Tengku Dato’ Setia Putra Alhaj extended him with a warm welcome. “Khai Bahar’s exceptional musical talent and deep connection with the Malaysian audience make him the ideal partner to promote our flagship brand by delivering an unforgettable experience that celebrates AliCafe’s essence. Khai Bahar with a cup of AliCafe in his hand will definitely resonate with both music and coffee lovers nationwide,” he said.

Renowned for its convenience in powder and ready-to-drink formats, AliCafe has a devoted following among coffee aficionados throughout Malaysia as well as overseas. Power Root wants to further elevate the brand’s position in Malaysia with Khai Bahar’s ability to engage with a broader audience.

“As a proud Malaysian, it brings me great joy to represent a homegrown brand that epitomizes exceptional quality and taste. I eagerly anticipate sharing my love for AliCafe with my fans and fellow Malaysians,” Khai Bahar said.

With a fusion of melodies and aromas, Khai Bahar is ready to connect with his fans and coffee enthusiasts alike. He will engage them through a series of captivating social media campaigns, enthralling performances, and engaging public appearances that bring music and coffee cultures together.