No Smoking In Eateries But Smokers Still Disregard


c8b2db8cc044eef11f50f9268d2a787cNever mind the people who don’t wear masks in public, the other thing that completely puts others at risk is smokers who continue to flout the ban against smoking in eateries, whether air-conditioned or not. As a non-smoker, I really dislike breathing in second hand smoke. It makes me quite ill and I can’t enjoy my meal while breathing in the smoke.

Some time back at a mamak stall, someone had lighted up outside but it didn’t bother me that much at the time as I was sitting inside. However this morning, an old man lighted up at another mamak stall at a table near me and I could smell the smoke every second. As we all know, since last year those caught smoking in eateries (restaurants, coffee shops, hawker centres) will be fined up to RM10,000 or face two years’ jail. The eateries who allow customers to smoke will also be fined up to RM2,500.

The stall owner didn’t inform the customer to put out his cigarette so I just moved to another table. This kind of attitude causes a malaise to non-smokers. I don’t think I have to put up with something that causes me discomfort and unease especially when it is prohibited by law.