Natural Skincare @ Hope Remedies Sunway Velocity Mall

With Alvin & Amanda, founders of Hope Remedies
With Alvin & Amanda, founders of Hope Remedies

Over the long weekend, I happened to be at Sunway Velocity Mall and walked past the newly opened Hope Remedies which had only been open for 2 days. Ever curious about new beauty brands, I introduced myself to Amanda, co-founder of Hope Remedies and she invited me inside to introduce me to their products.

Hope Remedies is targeted towards younger women (from late teens to 20-somethings) who may have problems with their skin such as oily/acne-prone skin. There are not that many products at the moment but then again, wouldn’t you rather have quality over quantity of products?

Hope Remedies star products
Hope Remedies star products

Hope Remedies’ products are free of harsh cosmetic compounds such as petroleum, harmful fragrances, and colorants, sodium lauryl sulphates, Propylene glycol, animal by-products, or parabens. If it is not found in nature, you won’t find it in a Hope Remedies products. They provide their customers with only the purest and most wholesome natural products.

L'Hydrosol Lavender & Immortelle Hydrosols
L’Hydrosol Lavender & Immortelle Hydrosols

One of their star products is the 2 types of Hydrosols. The first is the L’Hydrosol Lavender Hydrosol which smells so botanical and natural. Hydrosols penetrate deep into your skin to help you achieve the skin you desire, gently. It is probably one of the most calming scents you will encounter, this floral essence provides the same effects to soothe inflamed skin. With healing properties that penetrate deep into the skin to deter bacterial activity and promote acne recovery, you will definitely feel refreshed after using this.

Delay signs of aging with the L’Hydrosol Immortelle Hydrosol. This is a honey scented skin tonic. Immortelle helps cell regeneration and collagen synthesis so that your skin can regain its firmness. This means less visible fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. You will be delighted to see dark circles and bags under your eye reduced when you use this as an eye compress.

Hope Remedies Elixir Jojoba which is essentially an oil without scent. This miracle elixir of virgin Jojoba Oil is packed full of goodness to nourish and hydrate skin without greasy after-feel. It creates a barrier to protect against sun damage, pollutants and free radicals that causes premature ageing.

Hope Remedies has two types of cleansers, one mousse and the other milky. Lather up this cream-mousse for a light foamy wash that reaches deep into your pores for clear skin that is free from dirt, clogs and inflammation. Formulated with Lavender and White Currant extract to soothe and brighten the skin.

Their Le Nettoyage Calming Cleansing Milk is a milky emulsion formulated with 99% ingredients from natural origins. Chamomile, Calendula and Cucumber extracts soothe and soften the skin while thoroughly dissolving makeup and impurities gently without stripping its protective barrier. Rinses off easily without greasy after-feel for clean, supple and bright skin that you’ll love.

The La Terre Purifying Clay Mask is in powder form so that it will last longer. Draw out deeply set impurities from pores to breathe new life into your skin. Dull and problematic clogged up skin will be a thing of the past with pore purifying properties of natural French Clay. Give your skin a brand new start with purifying French Green Clay that draws out toxins and impurities from your pores in a strong ‘vacuum cleaner-like’ action. Clear pores means finer pores and smoother skin.

Hope Remedies @ Sunway Velocity Mall
Hope Remedies @ Sunway Velocity Mall

Hope Remedies is located at Lot 1-48 Sunway Velocity Mall.