My Styling Experience At Aveda Experience Centre


If you’re looking for specific products to suit your hair concerns, Aveda Experience Centre at Pavilion will have just what you need whether your hair is oily, dry, frizzy, tangled or curly. If you are unsure of your hair concerns, they have a hair analysis device that will determine what your hair condition is. This is what Aveda Malaysia’s trainer, Adrian Sin did for my hair at the start of my styling experience at the Aveda Experience Centre at Pavilion recently.


First, I completed a questionnaire on my hair concern, products I am currently using, how I want my hair to look when styled, scalp condition, etc. Then Adrian scanned my hair with the hair analysis tool.


The findings weren’t that positive but them I know my hair isn’t exactly in optimum condition as it’s gone through so much rebonding and I do use heat styling tools after every shampoo. My hair lacks elasticity and protein, it’s sensitive and dry too.


Adrian recommended the conditioner and treatment from the Damage Remedy range as these products have been formulated to increase elasticity and protein.

The purpose of this styling experience was so that I could try out the Pure Abundance Hair Potion and Volumizing Hair Spray.


Pure Abundance Hair Potion comes in a 20g bottle (so small it fits neatly in my palm) and it has a fine, powdery texture. This powder transforms into a lotion when it touches my hair. You can either pour it directly on to hair or pour some into your palm first and rub it on to hair.

The Hair Potion thickens hair, it feels almost like a hair spray because when I’ve applied it, my hair feels a bit stiff. It’s said to bulk up hair fine/thinning hair – increasing the hair shaft’s diameter by up to 17%. Indeed, my hair does look thicker after I have applied the Hair Potion.

In its powder state, the Hair Potion granules are encapsulated by sillica, forming bubble-like spheres. Once in contact with hair or hands, the bubbles burst, transforming immediately into a light, absorbent lotion. You don’t need much Hair Potion before you see it working which is perhaps why the bottle is small. This feels like highly concentrated stuff.

Key ingredients in the Hair Potion are acacia gum and kaolin clay, high-performance bulking agents for adding instant texture to hair. Pullulan and organic honey provide 100% naturally-derived hold and silica -derived from sand- helps absorb excess oil from scalp and hair so think of this as a dry shampoo also as my scalp felt less itchy after I’d applied some there.

The Hair Potion retails at RM118/20g.


As for the Pure Abundance Hair Spray, this finishing and fixing product also expands the diameter of hair. It’s designed to help hair look fuller and feel thicker with extra-firm, humidity resistant hold and shine. It features a micro-mist pump that delivers a soft, diffused spray pattern and ensures even distribution. It gives a quicker drying experience than other hair sprays. It didn’t give the super-stiff effect of other hair sprays. The effect here is a natural, soft curl hold.

There’s no overcap on the spray as it has a locking pump feature. To unlock, just twist the nozzle. It’s recommended that the product be sprayed 10-12 inches from head throughout dry hair. However, it can also be used on damp hair as a setting agent/aid to lock-in and hold style longer.

Pure Abundance Hair Spray retails at RM98/200ml.


Thanks to Adrian’s styling and the products used, my hair did look voluminous when I stepped out of the Aveda Experience Centre but unfortunately because of the condition of my hair (lacking elasticity and tensile), the curls didn’t have much staying power. I think it’s time I looked at giving my hair more TLC!


  1. i heard lots of good things about the hair potion and Aveda. I think i will check out my hair since i want to know my hair condition since i totally neglect it.> <