These Mother’s Day Cakes From Lavender Bakery Are Sure To Make Any Mother Feel Special

Red Bag approx 3kg RM680
Lavender Bakery Mother's Day Cakes
Lavender Bakery Mother’s Day Cakes

Mother’s Day is celebrated in 2 days and if you are looking for something unique or special for your mum, you have got to have a look at Lavender Bakery’s Mother’s Day cakes as they are not the typical round or square shaped cakes. I was passing by their outlet in Mid Valley Megamall this morning and could not resist taking some photos of these beautiful creations.

Mahjong Play Set approx. 1.6kg RM280
Mahjong Play Set approx 1.6kg RM280
Black Bag approx 2kg RM480
Black Bag approx 2kg RM480
Red Bag approx 3kg RM680
Red Bag approx 3kg RM580
Alligator Bag approx. 5jg RM800
Alligator Bag approx. 5kg RM800

My favourite is the Mahjong Play Set as it’s so colourful and it’s fun to eat the different tiles. In any case, I think they all look much too good to eat!