Mirth+More, Malaysia’s First Premier Comedy & Lifestyle Magazine



Due to daily stresses, we all need a good laugh every now and then. After all, laughter is good for our health and a great stress reliever. Not all of us can spare the time to watch a comedy act but we sure can make time to pick up a magazine in the comfort of our homes or during our lunch break at at work.

DJ & Gillich Entertainment Worldwide Sdn Bhd (DGW) set up in February 2014, officially launched the country’s first premier comedy and lifestyle magazine for the region titled MIRTH+MORE (M+M) today. Retailing at RM15 per copy in West Malaysia and RM18 in East Malaysia, the all-important 124-page inaugural issue is now released and currently available at all major bookstores and newsstands nationwide.

The brainchild of published writer and journalis, Deborah Joy Peter and Canadian comic, Anton Gillich, both of whom are the founders of the boutique outfit that is DGW, the publication signifies a new high for the Malaysian publishing arena as well as stand-up comedy in Asia. The dynamic duo’s vision is to elevate the presence and position of local comedy so as to showcase its relevance upon a world stage. The much-anticipated English language slick, while targeting urbanites across all ages and expatriates alike, aims to serve as the official platform and extended voice of theindustr, one which extends beyond the microphone and stage.

A momentous achievement which further cements the strength and viability of the local scene, M+M is a quality fluff-free compilation featuring original ideas, exclusive interviews, industry focus pieces, profile features, the latest industry news and updates, and editorial works generated for and by local, regional, and international funny-men (and women) as well as lifestyle writers who go where the story is, to churn out engaging content which adds value for the reader. Positioned as a prestigious title, it offers a unique two-in-one value proposition made possible by combining the elements of comedy and lifestyle.


Divided into two main segments, the first is called FUNNY-SIDE-UP!-which covers the comedy (60%) and the second LIVE OUT LOUD!-which sums up the lifestyle sections (40%). Seeing that a key objective of the brand is to promote comedy as a key lifestyle trend across the region and beyond whilst driving English literacy in the country, M+M caters to the needs of a discerning readership. With an initial print run of 30,000 copies currently in circulation, the meaty publication while ad-supported is a suitable read for both seasoned and aspiring comics (B2B) as well as stand-up and lifestyle aficionados (B2C) who acre for more han just a periodical with pretty pictures.

The magazine is a creation of DGW’s dedicated publishing arm, Buzzing Bee Productions and is set to feature as a monthly title from the year 2015 onwards with plans to soon penetrate the Singapore market. However, for the rest of 2014, M+M will be churned out on a bi-monthly basis, with the next two issues slated to roll out in October and December respectively. For the pilot edition, a staggering 33 comedians from across the world (Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, India, Japan, Australia, US, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Netherlands) were engaged for editorial contributions, professional perspectives, and interviews. These are the highlights which fill the pages of MIRTH+MORE.

Daily, weekly, and monthly digital upkeep will be executed by way of online and social media support by leveraging interactive platforms such as Facebook (Mirth+More), Twitter (@mirthandmore), Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube as well as a corporate (www.djandgillich.com) and content website (www.mirthandmore.com)—both of which are coming soon. Upcoming efforts include a weekly e-newsletter and more. To gain further traction, M+M will have a sturdy on-the-ground presence as well with various events executed seasonally to personalise the DGW experience.