Maybelline ‘Make It Happen’


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Malaysia’s No. 1 makeup brand launched a brand new tagline, created to spur young women on in their journey of pursuing their dreams. Make It Happen is the new inspiration from Maybelline New York, calling out to young Malaysian women to go after her dreams without doubts and fear, and instead with confidence, positivity and creativity that comes with the use of makeup.

At the new tagline launch, Pink Fong, Marketing Manager of Maybelline New York Malaysia, explained the rationale behind the new brand slogan. “As a beauty brand that is close to women, we see the need to evolve the way we speak to them, especially the new millennials, so as to reflect the way they live, think and act today. In our previous tagline, “Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Maybelline”, we told women that she is defined by the look she is “born with” or she can transform it with Maybelline makeup,” she said.

“With the new tagline Make it Happen, we are now asking women to define her own beauty in her own terms, but with a drive and go-getter spirit that transcends beauty to an action to make whatever matters to her happen. The ‘IT’ in Make it Happen is a very powerful word that has lived with Maybelline for decades; now it is in her hands to define it. Essentially this expresses how Maybelline New York empowers women today to define her beauty, live her life and make it happen,” said Fong.

Maybelline New York also highlighted a group of women who embodies the spirit of Make It Happen in the pursuit of their life dreams. They included Malaysian ‘IT’ girls from diverse background and interest who share a common passion in pursuing their own life goals as well as finalists of Asia’s Next Top Model 4 reality show, which Maybelline New York is the proud official makeup sponsor.

According to Fong, these girls represent Malaysian women as they are today and their stories will serve as inspiration to other Malaysian women to go forth fearlessly to follow their dreams.

“Spirited, expressive and part of the makers of revolution, girls in this day and age know what they want, and they do want it all – a fulfilling career, a meaningful life, a contented family, health and wellness, and of course, a look that brings out their unique personality. And we see it as a good thing. Girls should not be afraid to live up to their greatest potential in life,” said Fong during her speech at the launch.

However, self-doubt is often a stumbling block. Fong mentioned that in Maybelline’s research, it is found that what matters to Malaysian girls today revolves around their family, positivity, career or success, lifestyle and physical appearance. While Malaysian girls know clearly these are what they want in life, fear of failure and being judged unfavourably, peer pressure, societal conformity or the lack of resources and opportunities often cloud their decision-making process and created self-doubt in her mind,” added Fong.

Well-aware of the barriers that young girls face, Maybelline wants to empower those with passion in their souls to value their dreams and see each day as a new possibility to “make it happen”.

Make-up, according to her, is a huge confidence-booster and enabler that will dispel one of the biggest barriers to pursuing dreams – self-doubt.

“What Maybelline does is to offer the transformative power of make-up to help young women make things happen. When she looks into the mirror to put on her make-up, a girl is not just accentuating her features, but also boosting her confidence, expressing her creativity, solving problems, showing her beauty and looking at herself, and the world, in a more positive light,” Fong concluded.

Maybelline’s ‘IT’ Girls also shared about how make-up helped transform their lives, and gave them the courage, positivity and confidence to go after their dreams. They consist of Malaysia’s only contestant at Asia’s Next Top Model 2016, Nuraini Mohd Noor; artepreneur and jewelry designer Harmini Asokumar; actress Nur Elisya Mohd Faisal; Youtube singer Johanis Mohd Sani; beauty and lifestyle vlogger Wong Jie Xhia; and freelance model Noorzamrina Hj Zamrin.

(L-R) Jxhia, Elisya and Zamrina

Stevensunny & Tuti

Asia’s Next Top Model 4 finalist from Malaysia, Nuraini Mohd Noor, or more affectionately known as ‘Tuti’, confessed that makeup is more than an integral part of her modelling career. “As the America’s Next Top Model creator Tyra Banks once said, ‘I love the confidence that make-up gives me’. For me, Maybelline’s wide range of products allows me to exercise my creativity in defining my look of the day, whether I am at work or just going shopping. From sexy and sultry, elegant and chic, to funky and edgy, all I need to do is look into the mirror, pick up a Maybelline product and make it happen! This makes me feel like anything is possible as long as I dare to imagine, including my dream to be Asia’s next top model” said Tuti.

Harmini, who is featured in the ‘IT’ Girls campaign for instance, took the bold step to quit a stable day job as a Communications Executive to put full attention into her greatest passion – managing a business selling the jewelries she designed.

“Maybelline is definitely a brand that transforms women to give them the attitude and strength to pursue what they believe in,” Harmini explains. “It’s not just make-up; it’s the confidence that comes from the ability to look my very best without leaving a huge dent in my wallet.”

Like Harmini, 17-year-old Nur Elisya wants to be an entrepreneur and looks to her family for motivation. She juggles studies and television acting, but she took on a third commitment of learning business management skills from her sister, actress and entrepreneur Fasha Sandha, because she harbours a dream of being her own boss one day.

“Whenever I feel like giving up, I will whip out my Maybelline Rosy Matte Lipstick. The lipstick is especially awesome at making my lips look gorgeous and plump. Every time I put it on, any signs of exhaustion on my face are replaced by an energetic and confident look. This lifts my self-esteem and makes me feel like I can take on any challenges that come my way,” said Nur Elisya.

Noorzamrina Hj Zamrim believes that true happiness comes from seeing that her friends and loved ones are happy as well. The busy 22-year-old student and freelance model often finds time to cheer her friends and family up by surprising them with chocolate cakes and cookies that she baked.

“To spread joy, one has to first be a picture of positivity. Maybelline Hypersharp Powerblack Liquid Liner really enliven my looks. When I look good in the mirror, I feel wonderful too, and all the positivity comes rushing in to help me bring cheer to others,” she said.

Besides sharing their inspirational Make It Happen stories, the girls took center stage at the new tagline launch when they were transformed with Maybelline makeup under the deft hands of makeup artist StevenSunny.  Strutting with them were Angie Tan and Adillah, Singapore’s and Indonesia’s finalists of Asia Next Top Model 4. Find out more about the power of transformation through Maybelline makeup in the ‘IT’ Girls look book, now available on and hashtag the look that you like or carry #MaybellineITGirls.

With the wide availability of Maybelline products in all major stores and pharmacies, the brand’s Make It Happen message will reach Malaysian girls from all walks of life, inspiring them to make their mark in the world and conquer all odds.

Further excitement in celebration of Maybelline Make It Happen campaign, Maybelline Malaysia collaborates with its valued retail partner Guardian Malaysia. Guardian is the largest health, beauty and personal care chain in Malaysia, with more than 400 stores nationwide. It is widely recognised by Malaysian consumers and trusted for offering quality products at affordable prices.

The Maybelline Make It Happen tagline is trademark-registered worldwide. Alongside Asia’s Next Top Model 4, ZALORA is the official fashion partner for Make It Happen media launch and Maybelline ‘IT’ Girls look book.