Maybelline Color Tattoo Swatches



1. Bad To The Bronze

2. Tenacious Teal

3. Bold Gold

4. Tough As Taupe

5. Audacious Asphalt

6. Painted Purple

7. Fierce & Tangy

8. Edgy Emerald

I am not a big fan of creamy eye shadows. I haven’t had many good experiences with them. I have a MAC Paint Pot which I rarely use and the MUFE Aqua Creams which are somewhere. Generally, I find them more time-consuming than powder shadows and I would rather use pigments.

However, I had to have a look at Maybelline Color Tattoo, not all the ahades are available here. I really wanted to see whether Tenacious Teal is more blue or green but I can’t seem to find it at any of the usual pharmacies. Apparently, it’s coming soon but my friend who works in Butterworth has seen it at Watsons and Guardian there.


Of the shades available now, Bold Gold is quite striking as it’s very shimmery and metallic. The least shimmery and metallic of the lot is Tough As Taupe which look kind of matte. All swatched very easily save for Painted Purple, took me a few applications to get it to show evenly. My least favourite is Fierce & Tangy and the one shade I could see myself getting is Audacious Asphalt simply because I have a weakness for gunmetal grey shades.

I believe it is retailing in the US at USD7 and as it’s only RM19.90 here, we are getting them at a bargain when you consider the exchange rate. I think I’ll ask my friend to send me Tenacious Teal just because I want what isn’t available here yet.