Maybelline Color Sensational Red Porcelain Lipstick



A red lipstick makes a statement even if you haven’t got any other make-up on. Maybelline Color Sensational Red Porcelain Lipstick is inspired by the beautiful shine of traditional red porcelain. Like all other Color Sensational lipsticks, the Color Sensational Red Porcelain formula is enriched with nourishing honey nectar and a milky lotion to give it a creamy feel when applied.

I don’t find it particularly moisturising though  it has ingredients like emollient waxes to protect lips against dryness and vitamin E to prevent moisture loss. In fact, I find it rather drying and uncomfortable. I have to apply lip gloss over this so that it’s more bearable.

sensaThat aside, it’s a nice bright red which I could grow to like more. It does feel very creamy and doesn’t fade even after 3-4 hours of wear. I don’t even have to re-apply after ingesting liquids so staying power is very good for this drugstore lipstick.

Maybelline Color Sensational Red Porcelain Lipstick retails at RM26.90.

Product has been provided by Maybelline Malaysia for review.