Maybelline Clear Smooth BB White Cream


Wonder how many versions of BB Cream Maybelline can come up with. It comes in the form of a mousse, cream, stick, what’s next? I’m not anti-BB Cream but it ranks among my least favourite make-up products. I have to hand it to Maybelline though for being rather innovative when it comes to BB products.

Maybelline Clear Smooth is an 8-in-1 product, I wonder if it’s known as Dream Fresh 8-in-1 outside Asia? Could be a marketing strategy, use “White” as part of the name of the product and we Asians will be falling over ourselves to get our hands on it whereas we might not be so drawn towards a product called “Dream Fresh”.

Surprisingly though, I found myself liking Clear Smooth quite a bit, thanks to the high SPF. There aren’t that many BB Creams out there with SPF 50 PA+++. That’s the kind of SPF for me. Not those with SPF 18 or 26, what’s the use of that as sunscreen especially if you spend a lot of time outdoors?

I guess they don’t call this “Clear Smooth” for nothing. It isn’t very thick or runny, goes on smoothly and blends in a flash. Coverage is sheer to medium but that’s enough for me. Just use a concealer or spot corrector if you have serious blemishes.

As with liquid foundations, Clear Smooth will probably have a different effect on different people but for me, it’s a very satisfying BB Cream as it brightens and evens out my skin tone, adds a touch of radiance too. Not luminosity, just a brighter complexion which is great for days when my skin is looking especially dull.

I don’t have any problems with it even on days when it’s been on my face for 10+ hours. I always set BB Creams with powder so perhaps that helps in making it last longer. It’s a good product overall, good value too as it’s just RM22.90 for 18ml with the occasional discount at drugstores. It comes in 2 shades – the one reviewed here is in 01 Fresh and the other shade available is 02 Natural.

Note : Product reviewed was provided by Maybelline PR.



  1. Hi Jup, l got a sample of Maybelline’s BB Cream but, it’s too greasy on my combination to oily face.Is this the same one? Thanks 🙂