Maybelline Big Eyes Shadow Palette Giveaway



This Maybelline eye shadow comes with a unique 24 hour gel powder formula with intense color payoff. It’s called “Big Eyes Shadow Palette” because it claims to give the effect of 30% bigger and brighter eyes. Even if it doesn’t give you that effect, I’m sure the color payoff is better than average because Maybelline shadows are generally good quality.

Now if you’d like to be in the running to win these two (2) Maybelline Big Eyes Shadow Palettes (Smokey Brown & Gorgeous Pink) please complete the following sentence (follow the words exactly as you see them):-

“Maybelline make-up makes me happy because………………………….”.

Terms and conditions of this Giveaway:-

1. Giveaway exclusively for those who have ‘liked’ Juniper’s Journal’s Facebook page & with Malaysian addresses only.

2. Giveaway ends Friday 22nd May 2015.        .

3. Winner will be contacted via email once result is announced in this same post. Please respond within twenty four (24) hours otherwise another winner will be selected.

Updated 23rd May 2015

Winner of this Giveaway is:-

Samantha Ye


  1. Maybelline make-up makes me happy because the colour of the palette for the blush always last long throughout the day for me. It gives me the healthy radiant look and feel without the need to reapply all the time.
    Other than that, I have always been the fan of their mascara. The right colour and no clumpiness as an effect. With my very fine eyelashes, it has certainly give me the added effect of bigger eyes look and eyelashes looks fuller and curled at the right angle.

  2. Maybelline make-up makes me happy because it gave me good quality makeup (especially the mascaras!) with affordable price. Favourite product since teenage years and still counting =D

  3. Maybelline make-up makes me happy because they are always good quality and in affordable price. From eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow, blush, foundation to lipstick, mostly of them never disappointed me ;]

  4. Maybelline make-up makes me happy because they offer high quality make up products at a very wallet-friendly price. Their product ranges are getting wider and more varied. Wonderful color payoff and sits well on skin. My very first make up item was a lipgloss from Maybelline.

  5. Maybelline make-up makes me happy because of the promising product quality with an unbeatable price most of the time. Covering wide product range from face, eyes, lip to nails, they consider of every makeup part of women. Besides, this year they are celebrating 100th year anniversary, showing that they concern about beauty since then!

    I came across an article online showing the 100 Years History Maybelline. Quite interesting for our knowledge.

  6. Maybelline make-up makes me happy because of works brilliantly with the enriches color palette, long-wear formula doesn’t smear, smudge, or crease.

    At least one excellent product (if not several) in almost every category; many excellent foundations; superior mascaras; inexpensive makeup brushes; some terrific concealers, powders, blush, and lip color options.

    MOST IMPORTANT is price-wise. Maybelline is the least expensive of the L’Oreal-owned cosmetic lines (which also includes Lancome, Biotherm, Vichy, and Kiehl’s), and smart shoppers will note the similarities among brands that, with conscientious shopping, can really save you money without sacrificing quality or performance.

    Maybelline you make my day Y(*v*)Y

  7. Hi Juniper 🙂

    Maybelline make-up makes me happy because I feel pretty when wearing make up, and I love how Maybelline’s products make my face seem flawless. It always boosts my confidence when I’m wearing Maybelline.

    Most people are only concerned with beauty but never think about the nutritional needs of their skin. I really like Maybelline’s products because they are natural, care for my skin and make it glow. I work as a sales representative and there is no other product I would use to meet my beauty needs.

    Maybelline is my one and only option for makeup. It’s like my treasure, something precious. Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the prettiest girl? That’s me and I love Maybelline.

  8. Maybelline make-up makes me happy because it offers consumer drugstore price but at quality that is even better than some high end popular products. Besides that Maybelline always come up with revolutionary products meeting consumer needs. For examples their BB cream which is just price at Rm19.90 and has many selection of colours which fits Asian skin. Other BB cream are either way too light for my liking or way too expensive. Maybelline offer choices without stinge on their quality and that is what I like about it. I love their Color Tattoo® 24HR Cream Gel Shadow which is so pigmented and really last the whole day without creasing or melting and the price is so friendly to my pocket!
    I was so excited waiting for this color tattoo to arrive in Malaysia and I think many are glad that they purchase this! Moreover, Maybelline is brand that offers dupe for high end brands that I think is way better than buying pirated makeup that contains cyanide that can damaged the skin.

    Maybelline is always my first choice when I wanted to get something similar to certain brands and I can find it in Maybelline. It is not to say that Maybelline is not good. In fact, I think it is a good brand that produces good quality products, budget friendly and non comedogenic. At least there are research done for all the products and I felt safe trusting a brand that has a long history of research and care for their consumers.

    Now, who says that drugstore products are not good?