Maybelline 100th Anniversary


Maybelline 100th Anniversary Visual

The modern woman is not afraid to flaunt her creativity and individuality, not only in the way she acts and dresses, but also in the way she looks. Over the past 100 years, Maybelline New York has inspired generations of women to define beauty. The answer lies in their hands: a woman possesses the power to express herself however she wants.

Today, Maybelline New York is the #1 colour cosmetics in the world. It is available in over 129 countries worldwide, bringing New York City glamour to women’s fingertips no matter where they are. From the brand’s earliest eyelash and brow products, Maybelline New York has continued to break all rules and push limits to make makeup artistry accessible to all women.

This year, Maybelline New York celebrates its 100th anniversary! To commemorate the memorable event and to pay homage to the illustrative transition of makeup trends through the years, Maybelline New York makeup artists have created 10 iconic looks to represent each decade of the last century, starting from the 1920s.

These are some of the looks created in conjunction with Maybelline 100th Anniversary:-

Maybelline 100th Anniversary_1930s

1930s – Siren In Rouge

The stylish ‘30s was the decade of Art Deco, where the celebration of individuality began in full swing. This look is softer and more feminine, with curved eyebrows, black eyeshadow and lush eyelashes. Attention is drawn to lips with a bright fire-engine red, a la Greta Garbo and Jean Harlow.


  • Color Sensational in ‘Red Porcelain’ – RM31.68
  • Blush Em’ – RM31.01
  • Eye Studio Impact Shadow in ‘Black’ – RM17.90

Maybelline 100th Anniversary_1940s

1940s – The Pin Up

A glamorous look exemplified by classic Hollywood stars like Ava Gardner and Audrey Hepburn. This look features stunning and prominent arched eyebrows, paired with statement black liner on upper eyelids, and finished with red lips that seem to glisten underneath the spotlight.


  • Color Tattoo in ‘Tenacious Teal’ – RM21.08
  • Clear Smooth BB Cream – RM21.08
  • Color Sensational in ‘Pop 6’ – RM34.87

Maybelline 100th Anniversary_1960s


1960s – Mod Rocker

With the mod (modernist) look making waves in the fashion and beauty world, Twiggy became one of the biggest icons of the decade. This look features false eyelashes, coupled with graphic eyeliner accented by a white or pastel base. Lips are adorned with soft pastel shades such as coral, pink or peach.


  • Color Sensational Pink Alert in ‘Pow 3’ – RM31.68
  • Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner – RM42.28
  • Big Eyes Mascara – RM48.64

Maybelline 100th Anniversary_2000s

2000s – The Socialite

With icons like Sarah Jessica Parker and the Olsen twins, living the high life was all the rage as they graced social events with their presence. The socialite’s look is never subtle, but keep it classy with defined eyebrows, perfectly-curled lashes and a bright pink pout to grab attention.


  • Color Tattoo in ‘Bold Gold’ – RM21.08
  • Color Sensational Pink Alert in ‘Pow 4’ – RM31.68
  • Volum’ Express Hypercurl Mascara – RM31.68