MasterChef Australia Judge George Calombaris Is In Town



I’m sure a number of you are die-hard fans of MasterChef Australia, I watch sporadic episodes and am often amazed at how creative the participants are, that they can whip up  what looks like absolutely delicious fare from mystery ingredients and that they can perform so well under time constraints.

One of the MasterChef Australia Judges, George Calombaris was at a media session this afternoon. George met hundreds of local MasterChef Australia fans at MidValley yesterday. He is on his Asian tour and will be in Singapore tomorrow and Indonesia on 30 October. Calombaris’ visit is to promote the new season of MasterChef Australia Season 6, which airs weeknights at 7pm & 11pm, on Lifetime (Astro Ch 709).


Through Lifetime’s website, Malaysian fans of the MasterChef Australia series voted for their favorite local dish that they would like Calombaris to eat while on his visit. The top three dishes presented to Calombaris for a ‘taste-off’ as voted by fans were Nasi Kerabu, Assam Laksa, and Penang Style Oyster Omelette. I can tell you that George liked Penang Style Oyster Omelette the most and so would I! Hooray for the Penang Style Oyster Omelette….it’s so yummy!



During the media session, George cooked his signature dish with an Asian twist, namely Poached Chicken with Miso Hummus and Green Mango Salad and we all got a taste of it. The green mango strips lent a sourness to the dish. The chicken was tender and the deep fried grains with sesame seeds gave a crunchy texture to this dish.