L’oreal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 Renewing Anti-Aging Serum



This is a product I should have reviewed a long time ago as I got it last year but have only recently finished using it. I wouldn’t be able to share my thoughts on any skincare product unless I’ve used at least half of it.

This anti-aging serum works 3 ways to transform skin:-

1. Resurface : correct pores and wrinkles with Ceramide Pro and LHA to smooth out lines and wrinkles for better skin texture.

2. Replump : restore skin elasticity with 3% concentrated Pro-Xylane that stimulates skin fiber synthesis to improve skin density and plumpness.

3. Renew : stimulates skin’s natural renewal process that helps improve overall skin quality.


You may think it looks rather creamy but it actually has a very light fluid texture and once applied, my skin feels extremely soft and smooth. It gives skin a more refined look over time and skin feels slightly more bouncy. I had no break-outs while using this serum.

L’oreal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 Renewing Anti-Aging Serum retails at RM89.90/30ml.

If you would like to try this serum, I have 3 x 5ml tubes of the Serum and 3 x 5ml of the Revitalift Laser X3 Renewing Anti-Aging Cream to give away to 3 people. Each person will receive 5ml tubes of serum and cream and that will give you an opportunity to try out both serum and cream to see if your skin likes it. Please leave a comment on the following if you would like to participate:-

Do you read local or foreign magazines regularly for beauty news? If you don’t, is it because of time or cost or other factors and if you do read them regularly, which ones do you read and what do you like about them? 


Terms and conditions of this Giveaway:-

1. Giveaway exclusively for those who have ‘liked’ Juniper’s Journal’s Facebook page & with Malaysian addresses only.

2. Giveaway ends at 10pm Wednesday 29th October 2014.                     .

3. Winners will be contacted via email once results are announced in this same post. Please respond within twenty four (24) hours otherwise another winner will be selected.

Product reviewed is a press sample.

Updated 31st October 2014

The winners of this Giveaway are:-

1. Yi Nian

2. Stephanie Koh

3. Xin Yu


  1. I hardly buy and read magazines for beauty news. The first reason is magazines are getting more and more expensive! Nowadays, I only buy when there’s special edition or there’s something worth reading. And also I feel that beauty news in magazines are more to advertising purposes and not honest reviews on what’s worth trying and what’s must-buy. I prefer reading beauty blogs, which gives honest opinions and reviews on neutral perspective, just like yours truly 😉

  2. I used to buy those beauty magazines before the internet became the main source of information. I read them because back in those days where books are sky high and expensive while newspaper contain nothing much of beauty considering that I am at the age where beauty has became a concern. Now, I would just scrutinised the magazines if there are freebies and it is worth to get.
    As for beauty advices, I usually google and check for dermatologist site or bloggers where there are more honest reviews rather than recommending only all the expensive products which hurt my skin and pocket. Most of the time, the topic are reoccur with just different things so it just get boring and no longer interesting to read.

  3. I started to buy fashion magazines regularly since I started working. Oftenly I read Cleo as it features a lot of latest fashion trends and beauty products which target more towards woman in 20-30s. Another very important reason is.. sometimes there are many freebies that were given along with the magazine! XD

  4. I’m quite surprised from your descriptions of the product above. it seems like it stands at par like the more premier skincare brands. It is definitely a steal should the results be as great as it sounds, and i bet at a fraction of the price of the more expensive ones. im a bit sceptical about the minimising pores. How do you think it would fare for those with enlarged pores? thanks!

    • Yeah it does claim to minimize enlarged pores but I didn’t see any effect on my pores but then again I don’t have enlarged pores. What it does do for me is smoothen skin.

  5. I do sometimes buy beauty magazines for it’s catchy articles and models at the front page.Best if it do comes with free samples. Both local and foreign magazines do give many insights on beauty and health issues.

    However since the information age, i read these magazines online now which it can be downloaded and read anytime at all. No more tine and money factors to stop me from being updated with news.

  6. I did buying local magazine sometimes. The buying urge will become more if the magazine offered freebies or samples that I would like to try..Nowadays I’ seldom buy any local magazine unless it is very attractive! As the info is easily available online through blog, social media or any website. It is cost saving and go green with paperless.
    For foreign magazine, I will buy it when I’m on oversea trip. The pricing is much more affordable and more magazine choices available.. Reading foreign magazine will expose us to other country in trend product which not yet introduced in Malaysia.