MAC Spring Summer 2016 Nail Trends


There are 2 main make-up/nail categories for MAC in Spring Summer 2016 and they are “All” and “Nothing”. Under each category is a nail trend. For “All”, the nail trend is Teen Spirit while for “Nothing”, the nail trend is “Authentic”. From the names, you can tell that one has a lot of embellishments while the other is minimalistic.


For Teen Spirit, it’s glitter and shimmer all the way. There’s a cornucopia of colour and texture that takes embellishment to another level. Nail art is at its most egalitarian. Nails can be anything from kawaii to grunge. With fabric, glitter, foils, collage and embellishments, it’s an explosion of artistic mediums and references.


Authentic is the equivalent of no make-up make-up, the no-manicure manicure. Just like its make-up counterpart, the nails look essentially unembellished. With polish, they’re still very unconsidered. This season, natural nails have a textural treatment, ranging from the demi-shine designed to mimic a freshly buffed nail all the way up to a high-vinyl finish by way of a multiplicity of sheers, semi-sheers and opaque nudes.