MAC Lucky In Love Pigment



I was fascinated with the pigments from MAC Archie’s Girls Collection. The two pigments are Cheers My Dear (pale lavender pink) and Lucky In Love (aqua teal green) from the Betty part of the collection. Lucky In Love is my favourite of the two. With pigments, you really need time to apply them properly. In order to prevent fall-out, it’s best to use an eye shadow base. I prefer using MAC pigments to crushed metallic pigments which usually come in 2 twin packs. Pigments are more finely milled than crushed metallic pigments which tend to be chunky.



1. Lucky In Love Pigment

2. Steamy Eyeshadow

3. Lucky In Love + Steamy

When I first sighted Lucky In Love Pigment, it reminded me of the green shade in Surf, Baby Surf The Ocean Crushed Metallic Pigment set but it is quite different. Lucky In Love has better colour pay-off and is a stronger teal shade. Given a choice, I’d take Lucky In Love over that green shade in the Surf, Baby Surf The Ocean Crushed Metallic Pigment set any time. Steamy eyeshadow seems almost similar in colour to Lucky In Love. Indeed, they complement each other well. I applied Lucky In Love first over the eye crease and then added Steamy to the outer corners of my eyes.




Now let’s compare Lucky In Love to that green shade in Surf, Baby Surf The Ocean Crushed Metallic Pigment.



luckyThe Surf The Ocean green shade pales in comparison to Lucky In Love as it’s so sheer. Lucky In Love is not only more striking, the texture is also smoother, it has a nicer frost finish and is more pigmented. Lucky In Love looks great on its own and would probably look even better when applied underneath any green eyeshadows.