MAC Cosmetics Spring/Summer 2013 Trend : Puri-tan



MAC’s Puri-tan trend is about a sun-kissed look after a walk on a summer’s day or in our case, just 5 minutes’ walk outdoors. It’s a softer approach to tanning this season. There’s a touch of sepia around the eyes and beautiful eyebrows. It’s stepping away from anything too glamourous. The trend is towards psychedelic colours for eyes and lips, i.e. festival colours.

During MAC’s Spring/Summer 2013 Trend Presentation, James Molloy demonstrated the Puri-tan look on a model. He started off with Matchmaster Foundation (available soon). According to James, MAC religiously tests products backstage before the products become available to consumers. The technology of Matchmaster Foundation is that it matches the foundation to skin undertones – if you are neturally tanned, it can adapt to your skin tone but in winter, the same shade can also adjust to your skin tone.

James explained that we all have different skin tones on different areas of our face. With Matchmaster Foundation, we end up with a very even skin tone with a natural matte finish. The Foundation is good for humid conditions and as it dries to a powdery finish, we use less powder to set it.


Using a 187 brush, James sheered out the foundation on the model’s face. Then he applied Mineralize Skin Finish (MSF) in Dark to contour cheeks and enhance the cheekbones. Using a larger brush like 130 gives a softer effect. For a warmer complexion and sunkissed effect with a soft bronzing glow, use it on chin and arms too.

With a 224 brush, James swept the same MSF across the model’s eyelids to mimic natural shading around the eyes. This adds warmth to eyes and makes the white of the eyes pop. He recommends using Bark eyeshadow for darker complexions.

Puri-tan is about achieving a soft airbrushed look with a satin finish on cheeks. There should be no harsh lines anywhere. James used a brow liner from the Stylish Brow Collection (also available soon) for a smooth, velvety finish. The brow liner glides across the brows. James’ tip for a softer looking brow : hold your pencil very loosely at the end as you would a paint brush.

The trend for brows this season is a full and straight brow, not so arched. This opens up the eyes and is like a facelift eyebrow. Texture of brows should be like velvet. Always brush the brows for a soft effect.


For lashes, James used Extended Play Lash. It has a super-fine wand so even baby lashes can get coated. It’s long-wearing and grips the roots of lashes so there’s no need to curl lashes.


The look is healthy and soft. Definitely sun-kissed without having to take a stroll outdoors!