MAC #217 Blending Brush


This year I finally invested in professional make-up brushes from MAC Cosmetics. It was more than about time as I’d been using mostly mediocre brushes all this while. There is a reason why professional make-up brushes are so pricey, they are far better than your run-of-the-mill drugstore tool.

MAC #217 brush is one of their most well known and popular because it’s the ultimate blending brush. The dense bristles are goat’s hair and they are soft. I’ve been using it not just for blending but for depositing eye shadow and pigments on the crease area. It picks up eye shadows/pigments so much better than my old crappy brushes and so it should.

When it comes to blending, as expected this is par excellence as I almost feel astonished at the results. No more harsh and obvious lines. I can just about con myself into believing that the eye shadow has been applied by one of MAC’s make-up artists and not by amateurish me.

Seriously, this brush is so good and effective that I have to stop myself from investing in another one every time I am at a MAC outlet.  Maybe I do need another one so that I don’t have to keep cleaning it every time I want to use it to apply different shades of eye shadow.

My only regret is not getting this much earlier and I wonder how I could have coped without it for so long. It isn’t just a blending brush, this does everything (and then some!) you want it to do when it comes to applying eye shadows. The domed shape is simply perfect for blending eye shadows seamlessly.

Retails at RM92.