Lunch @ TWG The Gardens



Although I’ve been to tea at TWG several times, I hadn’t lunched there until fairly recently. The lunch menu is quite small and prices start at RM25+. Actually I am not surprised there’re more patrons during tea time than lunch as you get a pot of tea thrown in when you choose one of the tea time menus whereas you have to fork out a minimum of RM19 for a pot of tea when you have lunch or dinner there.

Anyway, there are quite a few tempting lunch time options and I went for the Wagyu Green Curry which was not very spicy, thick and beef slices very tender but the portion for lunch can be considered minute, like a kid’s sized meal! I am aware of how expensive wagyu is but surely they could have increased the amount of rice served? And please don’t tell me this is to cater to women’s small appetites.


Or maybe they want you to have enough room for dessert. You will so be craving for dessert when the main course is so small.


There’s apple tart au gratin with icing sugar and vanilla ice cream. Nice but not as nice as this:-


The waitress recommended Singapore Surprise from their patisserie and I loved this crème caramel tart cake. Has a tart base and it tastes so light and airy, melts in my mouth and the raspberry filling is too divine. It’s infused with TWG’s Vanilla Bourbon tea. I would so go back for this dessert!


  1. The wagyu beef and the rice is really small. mmm, no wonder people are there usually for tea since their dessert looks more value for money than the dinner. How is the taste of the rice? Is it infused with some sort of herbs to be so small and expensive?