L’oreal Perfect Clean Foaming Cream Wash a.k.a. The Scrublet


L’oreal Perfect Clean Foaming Cream Wash, better known as The Scrublet have been on the shelves at Guardian since last October. There are 4 types altogether:-

  • Exfoliating (yellow)
  • Purifying (white)
  • Refreshing (blue)
  • Soothing (red)

Why the Scrublet? According to L’oreal, it is for a deep pore cleansing experience. To use the Scrublet, pop it out from the front of the tube and apply a small amount of the foaming scrub on to the Scrublet. Then massage the Scrublet on to wet face.

The Scrublet feels very light and not something I could take seriously for cleansing my face. There wasn’t much lather and I didn’t think using the Scrublet provided a better cleanse. The whole process seemed rather futile to me. It didn’t remove all traces of make-up effectively and even when I wasn’t using make-up, my skin didn’t feel like it had been thoroughly and properly cleansed.

Why is this even called a Foaming Cream Wash when there was hardly any foam produced? Je ne comprends pas! The consistency of the cleanser is so runny that I doubted it would foam up even before I started massaging it on my face.

Although my skin didn’t feel tight afterwards, this cleanser just didn’t do it for me. It could just be me or maybe there are some of you who feel the same? Do let me know why you love it if you do love it. Maybe I am missing something?

The Scrublet can be popped back into the tube but it’s such a hassle that I just leave it on my sink. I know it’s not hygienic but I don’t think I will use the Scrublet that often, maybe just the cleanser with my hands.

It’s 150ml and retails at RM35.90, you can find it on discount sometimes.

Note : Product was provided by L’oreal Malaysia for review.