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Products for achieving a V-shaped face are nothing new but most of them are expensive. A V-shaped face seems to be the desired face shape as skin looks firmer and tighter with a lifted jaw line and plumper cheeks. This is the shape that most Asian women aspire to and associate with a youthful appearance.

Of course bone structures cannot be but skin volumes can be remodelled for a perfectly balanced, beautiful face. This is where L’oreal Paris Revitalift V-Shaper Serum steps in to help lift, tense and tighten skin with its Pro-Tensium 3D.

These are the 3 effects promised by this product:-


When water evaporates from Revitalift V-Shaper Serum’s formula upon application, this serum instantly creates a tensing film to visibly tighten the skin.


Revitalift V-Shaper Serum’s elastic matrix is weaved with rigid and soft polymers to immediately tense skin, holding the new V-shape in place.


For a fit look on the face, Soja Protein in Revitalift V-Shaper Serum helps to instantly shrink the skin surface, leaving behind a strong tightening effect.


I have used an entire bottle of this within 2 weeks with twice daily usage. By the way, to get best results from this, you might want to follow these steps/techniques developed by L’Oreal Paris Facial Expert Joelle Giocco:-



Relax your skin by massaging upwards on your forehead. This helps to smoothen forehead wrinkles and lift up the skin of the upper face.


Use your fingers and massage in circular motions your cheeks and masticatory muscles from the centre towards the sides. This helps to guide water circulation against puffiness.



Place your thumbs between your jaw lines and neck. Massage upwards, like a V-shape, from the centre to the upper sides of your face. Press gently on the face contours during the massage.


Place your thumbs under your ears. Massage upwards, starting from your chin along the jaw lines.



Using the lower part of your palms, massage your neck in a downwards movement. This helps to guide excess water down.

L’oreal Paris Revitalift V-Shaper Serum has a light milky lotion texture and during the 2 weeks, I felt my jawline tighten when I applied this. I don’t think it changed the shape of my face but I did feel a tensing sensation as if my skin was being firmed up. If this is the only serum you are applying, apply it after toner and before moisturiser but if you have your regular serum and wish to incorporate this into our skincare regimen, L’Oreal Paris recommends applying this after your serum. Retails at RM89.90/30ml but good news to dear readers of Juniper’s Journal as I have two (2) bottles to give away!

All you have to do is complete the following sentence (please type the words exactly as you see them):-

“I want to try L’oreal Paris Revitalift V-Shaper Serum because………………………………….”.

So easy, right?

Terms and conditions of this Giveaway:-

1. Giveaway exclusively for those who have ‘liked’ Juniper’s Journal’s Facebook page & with Malaysian addresses only.

2. Giveaway ends at 11.59pm Monday 20th October 2014.                     .

3. Winners will be contacted via email once results are announced in this same post. Please respond within twenty four (24) hours otherwise another winner will be selected.

Updated 21st October 2014

Winners of this Giveaway are:-

1. Yue Rain

2. selenaa li


  1. I want to try L’oreal Paris Revitalift V-Shaper Serum because skincare is important to maintain the health of my skin and this product will help me achieve my youthfulness.

  2. Thanks for the awesome giveaway again!
    I want to try L’oreal Paris Revitalift V-Shaper Serum because of:
    1. I am already in my late 20s
    2. No, I don’t want any saggy skin or wrinkles
    3. I am a firm believer that anti ageing should starts ‘Now’ and not until I am 30+
    4. Loreal is a trusted brands
    5. I don’t want to look older than my real age
    6. I want a V-shaped face
    7. I wanted to prolong my youthful look as long as possible
    8. I want to enhance my look for a firm skin
    9. The light milky lotion texture in the serum is sure interesting and I just have to try it
    10. I want to reduce my puffy face
    11. A youthful appearance helps to boost my confident.
    12. I want to be beautiful
    13. I am not ready yet for botox or other procedure for a V shape face.
    14 I believe that skincare products like L’oreal Paris will work on my skin.
    15. I want to shock everyone with my real age(in a good way)

  3. I want to try L’oreal Paris Revitalift V-Shaper Serum because I have a chubby face and I want to get rid all of the excess flesh on my face hahaha~ Girls with a V shaped face always look younger and prettier and I guess that’s all girls’ dream to have a V face. In addition, I want to lift my face and fight against the cruel gravitational force, I don’t want a saggy face when I get old! Hopefully I can win a bottle of L’oreal Paris Revitalift V-Shaper Serum home so that I don’t have to hide my chubby face using my long hair anymore hehe!

  4. I want to try L’oreal Paris Revitalift V-Shaper Serum because I always hope to have a more defined jawline. My jawline is not really obvious and I always hope to have V shaped face like those model! Besides, I wish that I can look youthful always so face-lifting product is a MUST! 🙂

  5. I want to try L’oreal Paris Revitalift V-Shaper Serum because although I may be young at heart, my skin won’t stay young forever. Time to take pre-emptive measures.

  6. I want to try L’oreal Paris Revitalift V-Shaper Serum because I want a photo-ready perfect V-shaped face! Many products promises to give us tight firm jawline which gives us a younger look. But so far i’ve seen non that really works. I’ve heard many good reviews from the L’oreal Paris Revitalift range, affordable and they work! I hope to give it a try 🙂

  7. I want to try L’oreal Paris Revitalift V-Shaper Serum because…….

    I’m a girl who hopefully can achieve a V-SHAPED face, no more round face. ><' I want to achieve and maintain a perfectly balanced and beautiful face without going under the KNIFE.

    Having a V-shape face is not only a beauty criterion for Asian women but a sign of youth. This high-potency serum is clinically proven to help erase fine lines and wrinkles. Hopefully can fight my fine lines by this product.

    It helps naturally renew skin cells, dramatically smooth lines and wrinkles and powerfully firm skin from within. That means, my skin is noticeably smoother and firmer within weeks. ^^

    Tq for the attractive giveaway ('',)

    This serum comes in a gorgeous metallic red bottle, which looks very impressive and attractive me to BUY.

  8. I want to try L’oreal Paris Revitalift V-Shaper Serum because I want V-SHAPED face to my wedding photo shooting on Dec 2014. I scared my round face not nice in the picture. Body can easy to slim down, but to my face is quite hard.
    Hopefully, can win this giveaway to firm and tight my chubby & puffy face. thank you

  9. I want to try L’oreal Paris Revitalift V-Shaper Serum because I’m having big found face.. If this products give us promising results, no more angle adjustment when taking photo! Besides, as it has skin tightening and firming effect, it will help to us to fight against aging process!