L’Oreal Paris Keratin Smooth 72H Frizz Eraser Spray


keratin-smooth-frizz-eraserIf only there was a product that can reduce my hair frizz so I had hopes for L’Oreal Paris Keratin Smooth 72H Frizz Eraser Spray which is also a heat protector as it is enriched with Thermo-Protect active known to help protect hair from heat. This is a very lightweight spray which doesn’t make my hair feel sticky and as far as reducing the frizzy effect goes, it has an immediate effect but that’s it, no long-term or long-lasting results because after a day, my hair goes back to being crazy frizzy.

I think it gave a better result as a heat protector because when I used the hair straightening iron, my hair didn’t feel that ‘fried’ but unfortunately it didn’t have 72H smooth results for me.

Product reviewed is a press sample.