Life In The Fast Lane With Samsung Wallet

Galaxy A Series 2023 Launch Promo
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Tap, pay, done. Going cashless and cardless is becoming the norm for many these days for security and convenience. Effortless and evolving, Samsung Wallet lets you live life in the fast lane. Enjoy this Galaxy Experience Awe-Day on the Galaxy A54 5G and Galaxy A34 5G. The latest Galaxy A Series gives you awesome features alongside the ecosystem that can be experienced as flagship models at an incredibly accessible price point. Here’s why you need to get on Samsung Wallet today.

It makes paying effortless

Add up to 10 payment cards to Samsung Wallet and start paying anywhere that accepts the service or has the NFC contactless payments symbol. Personalise your Quick Access tab with your favourite cards and arrange them in the order you like, especially to prioritise your most used cards. Swiftly open Samsung Wallet in three ways – swipe the screen up, or tap the icon, or double tap the side key. No more digging through your pockets and holding up the line at the register.

It lets you earn rewards

Collect Samsung Rewards points every time you make a transaction with Samsung Pay and use them at the Samsung e-Store or claim exclusive rewards from partner brands. Level up your account from Bronze to Silver to Gold to enjoy further discounts.

It’s everything you need in one device

The ecosystem is wider and more seamless than you think! You can store loyalty cards, vouchers, and health passes on Samsung Wallet[1]. Make Samsung Wallet your one-stop, worry-free app for all your needs, so no more worries, hassle or jumping from app to app, even for your passwords and addresses. Save space in your wallet, better yet, you don’t have to bring your wallet out with you, just grab your smartphone and hit the road.

It’s secure

You are your password. The entire Wallet is safe and secure as possible by allowing access through your biometric data, as well as PIN number. Samsung Pass is protected by Samsung Knox, which includes fingerprint recognition and encryption to make sure users’ important data are protected. On top of this, Samsung Wallet stores particularly sensitive documents in an isolated environment, which offers an extra layer of protection against potential digital and physical hacking attempts.