KL Wellness City Celebrates ‘Chap Goh Meh’ Festival With Grand Success And Milestones Achieved


KL Wellness City, a pioneering force in integrated healthcare and wellness, marked a triumphant celebration of the ‘Chap Goh Meh’ Festival, showcasing remarkable achievements and significant milestones attained since its grand launch in June 2023.

Graced by esteemed guests including YBhg. Dato Dr. Ammar Abdul Ghapar, Director General of Tourism Malaysia, and YB Puan Teresa Kok, Member of Parliament Seputeh, alongside members of the media, the event illuminated KL Wellness City’s commitment to setting new standards in healthcare and wellness.

Since its inception, KL Wellness City has been dedicated to reshaping the landscape of healthcare and wellness, embodying innovation, sustainability, and patient-centric care. The completion of earthwork, piling, and substructure works at both the KL International Hospital and The Nobel Healthcare Park (Plot 1) stands as a testament to the unwavering dedication of the KL Wellness City team. These milestones underscore the commitment to delivering world-class healthcare services.

The grand launch of KL Wellness City’s Blooming Dragon Year, 16th Jan 2024, marked a significant milestone in the journey of KL Wellness City, with vibrant festivities, cultural performances, and engaging workshops captivating over 5,000 visitors. Notably, sales exceeded 10 million during this period, underscoring the resonance of KL Wellness City’s vision and offerings.

Yesterday’s celebration of the prosperous 15th Day of Chinese New Year witnessed a myriad of unique performances, enriching the cultural tapestry of the event, The Acrobatic Lion Dance, a symbol of courage and strength, captivated the audience with its mesmerizing choreography and vibrant display of colors. The Chinese Cultural Costume Catwalk showcased the elegance of Cheongsam and Chinese Hanfu, celebrating the rich heritage and diversity of Chinese culture.

Additionally, KL Wellness City’s staff presented a candid and spirited Dragon Dance performance. Comprising 8 performers of diverse races, including male and female staffs, they’re Dato’ Sri Dr. Vincent Tiew, Muhamad Haiqal, Zulhilmi, Winnie Tham, Fion Ku, Jaeax Choo, Jiunn Shyong and Ivy Tan. The Dragon Dance embodied the harmony and diversity within KL Wellness City’s team, reflecting its commitment to inclusivity and collaboration.

“Dragon dance represents unity and resilience, mirroring our commitment to working cohesively towards our company mission and vision.” Said Dato’ Sri Dr. Vincent Tiew, Branding, Sales & Marketing Director at KL Wellness City. “At KL Wellness City, we draw inspiration from these cultural traditions to foster a supportive environment where every team member contributes to our shared goals with determination and spirit.”

Dato’ Sri Dr. Vincent Tiew, representing KL Wellness City, expressed gratitude for the unwavering support of distinguished guests of honour, partners, and members of the media. He emphasized KL Wellness City’s commitment to environmental sustainability, pledging to create a hospital environment that reflects technological advancement and delivering world-class healthcare services.

As KL Wellness City embarks on the ‘Blooming Dragon Year,’ optimism prevails for the future of healthcare and wellness. The dedication to innovation, sustainability, and patient-centric care, KL Wellness City is poised to lead the way in integrated healthcare and wellness in Malaysia and beyond, and undoubtedly propel KL Wellness City to unprecedented heights of success.

With the support of esteemed guests, partners, and the media, KL Wellness City looks forward to continuing its journey towards excellence and prosperity in the years to come.