Kao Liese Smooth Hair Cocktail



Unless I have rebonded my hair, it tangles easily and can be quite messy especially in the mornings, making it time-consuming to comb. I haven’t rebonded my hair recently as I want to give it a rest, my hair has been too dry and I don’t want to damage it further. So when I saw this product in this month’s MIVVA box, I was happy to put it to the test.

Kao Liese Smooth Hair Cocktail is a bi-phase or two-layered treatment mist. The top bit (about 1/4 of the bottle) is the milky part while the rest is watery. Before using, you have to shake the bottle so that the two parts are mixed together.

I use this after I have towel dried my hair and also in between shampoos as it does help to detangle hair as well as soften. The softening effect does last till the next day so it’s not just an immediate solution.