June Jacobs Rapid Repair Cream


june-jacobs-repairIn 2013, June Jacobs was diagnosed with breast cancer. Dr. Elisa Port, a world renowned breast surgeon and June’s long-time friend performed the successful surgery. She then started her treatment plan under the care of Dr. Anne Moore. After several treatments, like many people affected by radiation, June’s skin was painful to the touch and appeared to be burned. As a skin care and ingredient expert, products available in the market to help treat and soothe the pain did not meet June’s expectations.

Drawing on her extensive knowledge, June reached out to her own laboratory, June Jacobs Labs. Her chemists collaborated with the innovative raw ingredient vendors who together, pushed tirelessly to help create something she could use to get through this difficult period. As she does with every product in her skin care line, she continued to refine and use the new product, Rapid Repair Cream until she had the perfect formula. She found her skin texture was improving even while still undergoing treatments. This was enthusiastically observed by her radiation oncologist, Dr. John Ng who had never seen such a positive, healing result provided by a formula like this. June couldn’t think of a better way to thank him for outstanding care of her and his other patients she met on her visits than to offer this ‘miracle cream’ as her way of saying thank you, and helping to give back comfort to all other’s affected by this problem.

Over the next year, long after June received a clean bill of health, June’s lab was constantly shipping hundreds of tubes directly to Dr. Ng and he was continuing to offer them to his patients. After receiving dozens of emails and phone calls from Dr. Ng’s patients thanking her and asking her where they could buy more ‘miracle cream’, and as patients started to share stories of all the added benefits alongside from its intended use, including healing of other types of abrasion and skin trauma, and with a little push from Dr. Ng, June began clinically testing this product to fully define and understand its full capabilities.


June Jacobs Rapid Repair Cream is a clinically-tested face and body treatment that helps soothe irritation and provides up to 24-hour moisturization. A concentrated complex from the Swiss Alps of edelweiss extract, a rare flower known as the “survival star” as it withstands extreme climate conditions, and imperatoria extract, a wildflower known for its anti-inflammatory properties, helps promote skin’s resilience to everyday external stresses. High performance actives allantoin and dimethicone provide a long-lasting protective barrier locking in vital moisture and nutrients to shield skin from dryness while shea butter works to restore softness. Oleic and linoleic acids help improve skin texture to create a smoother, more youthful appearance. Powerful patented anti-oxidant blend of white, red and green tea extracts combined with goji berry, pomegranate and grape seed extracts help to neutralize free radicals, protect skin from environmental toxins and combat the visible signs of premature aging.

The cream is not too thick to be used on both face and body, it feels very comforting and soothing. Has high hydration level and long-lasting. Skin feels very soft and cream absorbs rapidly into skin without any greasy/sticky sensation.

Product reviewed is a press sample.